A strikingly modern residential property in one of Kent’s most famous coastal towns is making articulate use of Marmox Multiboards as part of its cladding solution, around both the inside of an elevated balcony terrace, as well as across the main entrance elevation.

The 3600 sq. ft. four-bedroom self-build on Cliff Road in Hythe – one of the country’s historic Cinque Ports – has been constructed for Gerald Glover using a high performance SIP system to create a series of rectangular elements, stepping down the steeply sloping site; with natural, Multicolour Slate Split Face slips, other cladding materials surrounding the runs of triple glazing.

Following an initial on-line search and consultations with the Marmox technical sales team, he opted to use 35 of their 12.5mm thick boards direct from the manufacturer, together with Marmox 360 adhesive, jointing tape and special metal washers which combine with the fixing screws.

Gerald commented: “We originally gained planning permission for the house in 2015 and then spent a lengthy period in consultation with our engineer, specialist piling company GeMech and Mather & Smith Steelworks in regards to the topography of the site, it’s stability and the best and most economical way to achieve a supporting above ground structure of the OSB faced SIPS panels to work off. Completion is set for early 2021.

We didn’t want the building to look ultra modern in the setting so have gone for a mix of exterior finishes, including multi-coloured stone slips from Marble Mosaics and the dark coloured Rockpanel Uni cladding panels which surround the main balcony. With the guidance of our consultant, OSG Architecture, we started searching for a cement particle or other suitable substrate board, before coming across Marmox Multiboard on the internet.”

“Given the elevated coastal position the boards had to be fully waterproof, while we also needed them to comply with fire regulations for exterior cladding use, but the lightness of Multiboard – enabling you to install large sections without difficulty – as well as the ease of cutting and fixing, were all additional attractions. We are now planning to use up the boards we have left over for fitting out the four en-suites, wherever there are areas of tiling or wet room situations. Multiboard is a very versatile product.”

Externally the Multiboards are being fixed over a breathable membrane and timber battens at 300 mm centres with the use of the special Marmox sealant, jointing tape and washers ensuring the creation of a watertight surface.


Marmox Multiboards are manufactured from extruded polystyrene or XPS encapsulated in reinforced polymer concrete, in a range of thicknesses up to 60mm and offer a variety of positive physical characteristics in addition to being fully waterproof. They are both light to handle and easy to cut, while still being able to sustain substantial loadings if required, such as for flooring applications. They further offer good thermal insulation performance, helping to cut condensation risk.

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