Since 1934 Lindapter has pioneered the design and manufacture of steel connections that eliminate the need for welding or drilling on site. Whether securing structural steel sections, cable management systems or constructing modular buildings, Lindapter has a proven, accredited and adjustable connection that will allow fast alignment during construction.

The adjustability of Lindapter’s clamping systems is particularly beneficial to contractors working in the modular or offsite industry because it allows them to maximise efficiencies and control costs. For example, cable managements systems contain several components that need to be positioned correctly as fast as possible.

Lindapter’s Girder Clamps allow contractors to loosely fasten the cable tray modules into position before aligning into position and tightening the clamps with standard hand tools to complete the installation. Girder Clamp by Lindapter also allows for a convenient disassembly or removal for maintenance, while preserving the integrity of the steelwork.

Hollo-Bolt by Lindapter is also used extensively in the modular construction industry. A recent example is The Spurn Discovery Centre in East Yorkshire where Hollo-Bolts were used to connect the Structural Hollow Section (SHS) frameworks of the rooms together.

The Hollo-Bolt was selected because of its high strength capacity and its range of independent technical accreditations, including the CE Mark and the ICC-ES seismic approval for resisting wind loads in all seismic design categories.

The Hollo-Bolt allowed a fast and convenient installation process from the inside of the modular rooms using just standard hand tools, which resulted in an efficient construction schedule.

Find out more about Lindapter steelwork applications in the new modular and offsite construction booklet that is now available for download from
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