Leviat, a world leader in lifting, connecting and anchoring technology for the construction industry continues its determined support of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers by becoming an Approved Employer for the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).  


Leviat has successfully joined the list of Approved Employers from ICE, which enables them to provide structured training schemes for civil engineers looking to develop further professionally. ICE helps civil engineers gain their professional qualification by providing industry experience through over 450 company training schemes, but the employer also has an important part to play in supporting students to develop their knowledge and experience in their journey towards becoming qualified. The Initial Professional Development Panel (IPDP) has formally approved Leviat’s Technical Director, Mark Smith, to act as the Supervising Civil Engineer for the ICE training scheme.


This could not come at a better time, as the demand for engineers and personnel in the UK construction sector is rapidly increasing. According to latest figures from CITB, an additional 225,000 construction workers are required by 2027. Furthermore, the industry is presently facing a skills shortage, which refers to the widening gap between the number of unfilled construction positions and the number of qualified individuals who can take on these roles.


The green light from ICE means that engineers employed at Leviat can gain the skills, knowledge and experience needed to complete their initial professional development on their path to becoming professionally qualified. This provides them with an effective path for career advancement and encourages more individuals to take advantage of on-the-job training, thereby addressing the skills shortage issue in the industry. The endorsement is a significant recognition of the quality of both Leviat’s training and its experience in the industry.


To showcase their achievement, two recent graduates employed at Leviat recently attended Brunel University in London and successfully delivered a presentation about Leviat’s place in the construction industry and potential career opportunities. The event was a major success, receiving positive feedback from students and teachers.


One student commented:

“It was an eye-opener that further boosts my morale to pursue excellence in the engineering industry.” Dr Esmaeel Esmaeeli, Lecturer in Structural Engineering at Brunel University said: “Students found the presentation very interesting, and it gave them a better understanding of engineering within the UK construction industry, knowledge of innovative structural concrete connection systems and a better understanding of possible career opportunities after graduation.”


The event is only part of Leviat’s wider strategy to engage with leading universities to attract future talent and enhance their technical departments. They plan to attend additional open days and career fairs, invite students to visit their headquarters in Sheffield, arrange site visits and offer internships for final-year students to get a taste of the industry at work.


Bryan Jex, Sales Director for Structural Connections at Leviat said:

“We are thrilled to join the list of Approved Employers for the Institution of Civil Engineers. It is evidence of our ongoing commitment to inspire future generations to join our industry, and it’s great to be acknowledged for the talented leaders we have at Leviat who make it their mission to provide invaluable training for the next cohort of civil engineers.”

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