Leviat is delighted to launch their new Industry Insights series, which critically examines a range of topics and issues facing the Construction Industry, and aims to provide clear, informative and educational content to support the growth and development of the sector. Featuring a whitepaper and in-depth video interviews with thought leaders from across the industry, the series brings clarity to the evolving regulatory landscape and the necessary drivers for change.


The Industry Insights video series begins with the perspective from three leading industry bodies on the regulatory landscape and how they drive change. Filmed at Futurebuild 2023, Dr. Gavin Dunn, Chief Executive of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE) discusses the key role he has played in the development of the Future Homes Standard and whether the industry is ready to meet the 2025 targets. He also provides insight into the performance gap and responds to the question about whether a joined up approach to Building Regulations Part F, L, O and S (FLOS) will address issues and close the gap.

An interview with Eve Livett, Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Brickwork Contractors, discusses the significance of recent changes in the industry, such as Brexit and more stringent building regulations, as well as the demand for brick in new buildings and homes. She also talks about the impact of the Future Homes Standard and Building Safety Bill and why the energy efficiency standards we set now are important to keep us on track with our sustainability goals.

Expanding the Industry Insights series, Leviat has also interviewed its staff members to gain perspectives on the broader issues facing the sector. These spotlights focus on sustainability, company culture and the future of construction. By featuring the diverse voices of its workforce, Leviat adds another dimension to the series.

To gain further insight into the importance of regulatory compliance, Leviat’s new whitepaper ‘Bringing Clarity To Regulatory Changes’ looks at the current regulatory landscape and what new legislation means for structural components and the responsibilities of those that use them. It provides insight into the forthcoming changes and ensures stakeholders are ready to meet obligations and avoid risks going forward. As part of the series, Leviat will continue to publish bite-sized whitepapers aimed at supporting the industry.

Commenting on the ‘Industry Insight’ series, Alastair Bell, Commercial Director at Leviat said:

“We are delighted to offer the construction industry the ability to expand their knowledge through these in-depth interviews and whitepapers. For professionals wanting to know more, and stay up to date, the Industry Insights series will shine a spotlight on the built environment’s most pressing issues.”.

The campaign will provide weekly content releases via the ‘Leviat in the UK & Ireland’ LinkedIn channel.



  For more information about ‘Industry Insights by Leviat’

and to view the interviews and download the whitepaper


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