Greatly improving the main entrance to the Ken Edwards Building at the University of Leicester, TORMAX was recently contracted by Summers-Inman to work with GD Building Services to install a set of bi-parting automatic sliding doors, giving students and staff clear and easy access to lecture theatres and study areas.

Due to extremely restricted space inside, it was necessary for the sliding doors to be fitted to the external façade of the building, making the door mechanism liable to water ingress and a build-up of moisture.

Ensuring a long working life and reliable operation whatever the weather, TORMAX recommended their iMotion 2301.IP65 system which meets the most stringent requirements for resistance to dust, water penetration and corrosion.

The Ken Edwards Building was built in 1995 and is home to the college of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities. Named after former genetics lecturer, Dr Kenneth Edwards, the prominent campus building has three substantial lecture theatres, as well as classroom facilities, IT suites and a student common room.


“Even with the impressive structural canopy covering the doors, there was concern that the system would be affected by bad weather,” comments Simon Roberts, MD for TORMAX.

“Our IP65-rated system has been installed world-wide in a variety of locations, from cruise ships to clean rooms and even in hospitals operating theatres that need regular hosing down.

“In this instance, fitting the entire sliding door system to the outside of the building creates an unusual and rather striking entrance.”


In addition to being IP65-rated, the iMotion 2301 operator features a wear-free synchronous motor which delivers a near-indefinite working life, making this a low-energy, highly sustainable option in the long term.

Rapid reaction movement sensors combine with powerful opening and closing speeds, ensuring the doors operate with maximum efficiency, helping minimise heat-loss from the building.


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