The Aures Slim Multi instantaneous electric water heater from Ariston is the ideal alternative to electric storage water heaters, as it requires no time at all to heat up. Water does not need to be stored – instead, it is warmed up immediately when it comes into contact with a powerful heating element as it flows through the unit, resulting in unlimited availability on demand. As a result, the Aures Slim Multi can be installed throughout a home or property close to point of use.

 Capable of producing hot water to serve multiple taps and showers (one outlet at a time – not simultaneously), the Aures Slim Multi is a wall-mounted unit perfectly suited to applications such as kitchens and bathrooms. It also has an ‘A’ class ErP energy rating, making it the most efficient method of providing water at the point of use. There is no energy loss as a result of water being heated instantaneously, while there is no need to maintain a pre-set temperature when not in use. Units are also easy to install and maintain, requiring only a connection to the water supply and a fused spur.

A front facing 4-step dial and LED indication ensures ease of operation, while allowing the power to be set to the desired level for optimal comfort. The LED indicators highlight the selected power level: ‘low’ (4.5kW), ‘medium’ (5kW) or ‘high’ (9.5kW). The Aures Slim Multi is also equipped with a flow sensor system, which initiates instantaneous water heating when an outlet is opened.



Other advantages include the plentiful, continuous delivery of hot water not being limited by the capacity of a tank, while small dimensions save valuable wall space – as well as eliminate the need for a storage cylinder. This makes the Aures Slim Multi the perfect water heating option for installation in small, narrow spaces, such as under a kitchen sink. As a result, the unit is suitable for applications including utility rooms, garages and conservatories.

Commenting on the instantaneous electric water heater, Victoria Gutierrez, Marketing Manager at Ariston, said: “Our Aures Slim Multi is proving extremely popular in projects where there is no mains gas supply or hot water storage facility present. Their high-quality construction, aesthetic appeal and level of performance, coupled with their space and energy saving credentials, ensure they are a fantastic means of supplying outlets with instant hot water.”

All internal components can be accessed from the front of the unit for easy maintenance, while a double thermal cut-out ensures safety and added peace of mind. Every Aures Slim Multi electric instantaneous water heater is also supplied with a two-year warranty as standard.


Further information about Aures Slim Multi can be viewed here.


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