CE-Marked Astra 3003 concealed door closers have proved to be the perfect partner for concealed hinges recent tests, making them the seamless choice for high performance and fire doors wherever clean, refined design lines are called for.

Modern concealed hinges paired with the CE-Marked Astra 3003 closer – both designed to be unobtrusive in situ – have successfully completed nearly three quarter of a million cycles on Astra’s in-house test-rig. This is well in excess of the 200,000 cycles required by the European standard (BS EN1154) and marks a huge success for Astra’s best-selling concealed closer.

With so many concealed hinges on the market, made from different materials and with different pivot points, it is vital that they are tested successfully with the closer to ensure optimum performance. Astra 3000 Series closers are increasingly being specified with concealed hinges by architects, designers and architectural ironmongers on projects where clean design lines and elegant aesthetics are the priority. Specifiers now have the peace of mind of ‘guaranteed performance’ along with the pleasing design of concealed hardware.

Concealed closers are the obvious choice in settings where visual appeal is paramount since they are not visible when the door is closed, avoiding the somewhat institutional and ungainly appearance of overhead closers. Designers select Astra 3000 series closers because, with full adjustability, they are powerful enough to handle doors of almost any weight and width. Unlike other concealed closers on the market Astra 3003 size three closers are CE-Marked for use on fire doors. Astra is well known for its door closer range and the Lancashire-based company can demonstrate many years’ experience in the sector and carries out all its own R&D in-house. It exports its British door closers across the globe via a network of distributors and partner companies.

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