A suspension system specifically designed to meet the exacting requirements of data centres has been launched by Armstrong Ceiling Solutions.

The new Prelude® 24 Max™ grid provides excellent load carrying capability and adaptability, with an extremely efficient method of suspending cable trays, bus bars and other mechanical elements to avoid air leakage through the ceiling tiles.

In an environment where a constant, carefully calibrated temperature is a non-negotiable factor, the engineered system components provide the optimum conditions to avoid air leakage that could lead to overheating or spiralling cooling costs.

Traditional methods suspend loads via slotted strut locations or drill holes through ceiling tiles where threaded rods are needed and in doing so increase air leakage and the mix of warm and cold air. However, designing out these details means the hot return air is retained in the plenum space and the cool air below the ceiling.

The new suspension system is also capable of carrying single-point loads up to 110kgs and can be easily reconfigured to meet changing requirements.

Using M10 threaded rod connections and integrated hanging clips, the Prelude 24 Max provides flexible support for cable trays and electrical distribution without the need for a separate strut channel system being suspended through the ceiling tiles.

Patented load connector clips attach at any point to the face of the suspension system, eliminating unsightly threaded rod connections through the ceiling plane, improving access and aesthetics as well as minimising air infiltration.

The traditional-faced 24mm profile grid minimises materials costs and labour while still being compatible with numerous Armstrong board ceiling panels including Ultima+, Clean Room FL acoustic tiles as well as standard lighting elements.

The pre-engineered suspension system comes with a 30-year system warranty.

More information is accessible via the Armstrong Ceilings website
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