Gatic Civil Drainage, a global leader in engineered surface water drainage, adds to its range of high performance access covers with the launch of LFA assist lift for rapid access, and Composite solid and vented covers with ThruBeam® technology.

The LFA assist lift achieves a load rating of F900 and is designed for heavy duty environments with slow moving traffic, such as aircraft pavements, taxiways of civil airports and dockyards. They are manufactured from Ductile Iron, M-Struts® for a maintenance free alternative to conventional gas struts, and stainless steel grade 304.

A key benefit of Gatic’s new LFA covers is that they can be lifted and closed by a single operation for easy and quick access to underground services. Other technologically advanced benefits include automatically engaging anti-accidental closure mechanism, a slam latch, a locking feature that requires a single Allen key for opening and an integrated lifting handle. All these features allow for easy access, without comprising user safety or the security of the access cover.

Gatic’s Composite is a comprehensive system of single duct and multi-span access covers and frames suitable for a load category of up to B125. The innovative design is ideal for pedestrian areas where an anti-slip, lockable and aesthetic solution is required. The covers have undergone independent testing for anti-slip properties in both wet and dry conditions. They are extremely strong, yet lightweight, which reduces the risk associated with lifting for installers and inspectors.

Gatic Composite covers are available in a range of colours so they fit in seamlessly with the surrounding environment. Colours include black, grey, blue, green and red with others available on request. The frame work is galvanised steel.

All Gatic covers are lockable and cannot be removed without the correct lifting key so unauthorised lifting is virtually impossible.

Sales Director Martin Neale comments “Gatic’s outstanding reputation and longstanding experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of high performance engineered access covers are unmatched. We are continually innovating and adding to our range so that we can provide the most robust and durable solutions for all applications and load classes, from the Olympic Stadium in the UK and Heathrow Airport to Abu Dhabi Airport UAE and Sydney Airport.”

For more information on Gatic’s new range of engineered access covers, call 01304 203545 or visit
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