Alumasc Roofing Systems’ Monoscreed is a fast-curing, solvent and isocyanate-free PMMA-based compound screed that can be cold applied to concrete decks (3mm – 50mm) to reduce deck deflection/back-falls and bring deck levels back to tolerance – i.e. zero falls.

Fast cure time

Unaffected by ambient temperatures, the system is rainproof within 15 minutes of being applied and will fully cure in circa 45 minutes, thus offering significant programme benefits when compared with more traditional screeds.

Application to substrate

Comprising resin, filler and aggregate mix, Monoscreed can be mixed at roof level and applied directly to suitably prepared – free from dust, dampness, laitance, grease, oil and other contamination, and if necessary primed with Alumasc Bitumen Primer – cementitious concrete.

The system comes in pre-measured packs of components palletised to ensure easy transportation to roof level and accuracy of the compound mix.


Monoscreed is also suitable to be installed over Hydrotech 6125, Derbigum bituminous membranes and Caltech QC cold-applied liquid where necessary.

For further information regarding Alumasc Monoscreed please visit call our technical team on 03335 771 500, alternatively call (0)3335 771 500.
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