Boxing in boiler pipework and flues is a simple task that can waste a huge amount of time and money if the casings are fabricated and then painted on site, especially when there’s a pre-formed and pre-finished solution being already being used by local authorities and HA’s across the UK.

Encasement is the UK’s only FSC® certified manufacturer of pre-formed plywood pipe boxing and boiler casings and our products are widely used in social housing heating and boiler refurbishment programmes.

Not only can they be fitted in half the time of site made casings, saving time, labour costs and disruption for tenants, they’re also made from sustainable timber, which makes them compliant with sustainable procurement policies.

Further savings can be made as our casings can be easily fitted by heating engineers or plumbers at the same time the boiler is installed, rather than having to arrange a separate visit for a joiner to box in the unsightly pipework. ‘One visit – one fit’. It really is that simple.

With Encasement boiler pipe casings, less is definitely, more:

    • Less time
    • Less cost
    • Less travel
    • Less disruption
    • Less hassle

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