‘Circa’ and ‘Quadra’ pre-formed decorative column casings from Encasement are helping provide a practical aesthetic and comfortable environment for passengers and staff using Worksop’s £3.2 million bus station.

Handling around 1 million passengers each year, the bus station is has rapidly become a landmark in the town centre since it was opened and the main building boasts a range of facilities including a café, a staffed information and ticket area, as well as free Wi-fi and CCTV monitoring for security and passenger safety. Sustainable design features, such as Solar PV cells and rainwater harvesting are also incorporated to help reduce energy consumption.

As the bus station is predominantly a glazed structure to create an open and environment and provide plenty of natural light, the designers wanted to ensure that the structural steel supports were concealed to improve the finish and attractiveness of the interior. As a result, 15 separate, circular, rectangular and square column casings from Encasement were used to meet the design brief.

All of the Encasement column casings are manufactured from pre-formed plywood, which are finished with a decorative and hard-wearing Formica F6305 ‘Limed Strand’ laminated surface. This not only makes the casings highly durable and resistant to scuffing, essential in a busy environment, but also integrates with the bus station’s interior colour scheme.

In addition to three 350mm diameter ‘Circa’ column casings, Encasement also supplied and installed two 400mm square ‘Quadra’ casings and 10 rectangular ‘Quadra’ casings measuring 250mm x 480mm.

Located around the perimeter of the bus station’s interior, the casings stand 5150mm high and were cut and fitted precisely to accommodate low level bulkheads, as well as structural beams and M&E services in the building.

Encasement’s Managing director, Martin Taylor, commented: “Circa and Quadra casings are perfectly suited to projects of this type, where the need to improve the interior aesthetics and provide a practical casing solution can be address with a single product. The versatility of our pre-formed plywood casings coupled with their cost effectiveness and durable laminated finish have been put to great use at Worksop bus station.”

For more information please visit www.encasement.co.uk.
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