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For the past three years, Osmo UK and bespoke European oak flooring specialists, ESCO, have enjoyed a successful partnership, creating a collection of nine solid oak flooring styles pre-finished with Osmo’s renowned wood finishing product, Polyx®-Oil. Ready to install from purchase, Osmo’s ESCO collection is favoured by specifiers.

Osmo UK specialise in producing wood protection and finishes using natural ingredients to complement the wood’s internal properties. The products contain no biocides or preservatives, abolishing the need for traditional chemically enhanced products. The ESCO collection offers a robust yet aesthetically pleasing wooden floor and is pre-finished with Osmo’s Polyx®-Oil.

Polyx-Oil from Osmo UK is a premium wood finish guaranteed to keep wooden surfaces in the best possible condition. Ideal for solid engineered or laminate wood floors, it is a high quality, water-repellent and tread-resistant wood finish. Unlike ordinary oil finish products which often form a film on the surface of the wood, Polyx-Oil’s natural components penetrate deeply into the wood to create a micro-porous finish. This allows the wood to breathe, moisture to evaporate and ensures a flawless finish both upon application and for many years to come.

The ESCO collection offers a choice of nine solid oak flooring options, including Harfa, Bohemia and Chateau, and each with its own unique charms and appealing appearance.

Focus on: Harfa Flooring

The Harfa flooring surface has been designed with a rough-sawn treatment and has been enhanced with cross-wise cuts that are grooved in the surface. Harfa can be combined with many different styles and colours, providing endless possibilities. It is hugely versatile, available in eight colours, including natural, natural white, double smoked black, smoked tobacco, smoked natural, washy grey, smoked white and stone grey. There is also the option to choose between 2 or 3 layer parquet and your desired wood style – elegance, superb, classic or original.

Focus on: Chateau Flooring

Another of the leading styles in the Osmo ESCO range is Chateau, a smooth oak flooring design that effortlessly showcases the wood’s classic natural beauty in a stylish and contemporary manner. Elegantly embracing the wood’s artistic knots and grains, the style complements current decorative trends and interiors. As standard, Chateau is available in eight different colours, including black, tobacco, stone grey and natural. Before being oiled, boards can also be smoked. This process adds rich, deep variations of colour to the palette, providing another 6 colour options.

Offering further personalisation, Chateau flooring is supplied in three grades; character grade, character/prime grade and prime grade. Character grade is ideal for interiors that want to retain the natural look. Complete with hand-filled, sanded knots, the flooring brings the true rustic nature of the wood to life. A slight variation of the Character grade is the Character/Prime Grade. With smaller knots, this grade offers the rustic charm in a more uniform look. Finally, Prime Grade provides a sleek, contemporary look keeping any knots to a minimum.

Focus on: Bohemia Flooring

Those looking for a smooth and alive rustic floor need to look no further than the Bohemian range. The combination of ESCO’s special rustic wood style and Osmo’s smooth finish makes it one of the most popular flooring choices in the range. Available in eight colour options, including Cognac, Natural white to Stone Grey, this stylish flooring will suit any interior scheme.
The Bohemia option offers a strong rustic wooden style that features open filled knots for a genuine oak style. In addition to this, the floorings surface lines and irregular surface smoothness give Bohemia a unique look and feel compared to other designs. Planed, filled, sanded and finished with Osmo Polyx®-Oil, Bohemian flooring requires no additional coatings and can be ready to walk on in hours, not days, after installation.

For a more specific look, customers can create their own Bohemian flooring exact to their requirements. After selecting a colour, customers can choose the type, width, thickness and length of the flooring. This includes a choice from solid wood flooring, two-layer parquet or three-layer parquet. For a more personalised touch, the wood can be finished with a range of signature features including an Osmo silver shine, extra old finish, fire-rating or handscrapped bevel.

Osmo’s ESCO range is available from Osmo UK direct or from its nationwide network of stockists.

For more information contact Osmo UK on 01296 481220, email info@osmouk.com, or alternatively visit www.osmouk.com.
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