Water leaks are a distant memory for the owners of a bungalow in the Isle of Wight after Cembrit Plank was installed on the property to provide a new watertight cladding system.

Ryde-based roofing contractor, L J Teal Roofing Service was approached by the homeowners who were looking for a solution to fix a water ingress issue. The concrete blocks and render finish had become porous and water was penetrating through. Having heard about the recently launched Cembrit Plank, the contractor was confident that this weatherboard could provide a good cladding solution for the customer.

“We pitched the idea of installing a weatherboard cladding option to Mr and Mrs Morrison, and they agreed that it would be a good way forward” commented Liam Teal of L J Teal Roofing Service. “We supplied Cembrit Plank in Ivory via Roofstore and the project began in February 2018.”

L J Teal Roofing Service started the project by chipping off the paint and render, stabilising the wall with bonding agents and installing a two-coat render system. Due to the block work having an uneven finish, the contractor fitted 38mm x 50 mm counter battens required individual attention to create a uniform structure onto which Cembrit Plank could be installed. Ventilated starter profiles ensured the correct air flow behind the weatherboard. The original roof overhang presented a problem, as the gable roof ends did not extend out far enough to accommodate the cladding underneath. This resulted in the contractor altering the roof and installing new PVC fascia being fitted at the gable ends.

Once the breathable membrane was installed on top of the counter battens, L J Teal Roofing Service then turned their attention to the cladding. The contractor started by levelling the first board around the whole building and worked their way up the property fixing Cembrit Plank horizontally. Work continued rapidly with the help of Gecko gauges which meant after the first plank was laid level, the successive planks were quickly placed and fixed. Extremely easy to install, the project was completed by April 2018. The owners are delighted with their brand-new exterior, which has a natural aesthetic, and is watertight, non-combustible and low in maintenance.

Fibre cement Cembrit Plank is low in maintenance, rot, rust, warp, crack, sun, heat, rain resistant, is non-combustible, providing a superior alternative to timber and plastic based alternatives. The overlapping plank is designed to look like painted timber but will retain its attractive appearance long after alternatives have started to age. Furthermore, Cembrit Plank does not require toxic preservative treatments in the way timber weatherboarding does.

Offering a 15-year warranty, Cembrit Plank is available in 15 different colours. A range of white and dark grey shades match traditional building styles, while the addition of reds, pale browns and pastel green offer a more contemporary choice. In addition, the range includes a ready primed option for clients wishing to add their own choice of colour. For large enough orders, Cembrit can arrange customised colours. The range includes a comprehensive set of colour matched accessories, including the roofline trims needed for a neat finish where façade meets the roof.

For further information visit www.cembrit.co.uk, email sales@cembrit.co.uk or tel: 020 3372 2300
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