Stocking and fitting the correct ridges for fibre cement roofs is simple with Cembrit’s comprehensive range. Available immediately, the ridges are lighter in weight and easy to cut and fix, qualities which make them superior to the commonly used mortar bedded, concrete or clay alternatives. An additional benefit for stockists is the lower weight per linear metre ratio, equaling smaller footprint, which makes Cembrit ridges easier to store and a more cost effective stock item then substitute products.

Cembrit fibre cement ridges are lighter in weight, do not require electric power for cutting and dust suppression and are easy to install. Being dry fixed with easily available “sela” type screws, installation is not dependent on getting the correct mortar mix, nor having to wait for dry weather. This means the roof will comply with the latest editions BS 5534, BS 8000-6 and chapter 7.2 of the NHBC recommendations.

Ged Ferris, Marketing Manager at Cembrit explains: “Accessories should not be an after-thought, they are an integral component of the roof, contributing to its functionality Increasing demands for energy efficiency, through improved levels of insulation, means ventilation at roof level becomes more crucial. Particularly with tight fitting roof coverings like fibre cement slates, it is necessary to remove moisture carrying warm air from voids in the roof space. The most efficient solution will incorporate inlets at the eaves with outlets along the length of the apex.”

Cembrit has developed a continuously ventilated ridge, to cope with typical roof pitches as well as helping the roof design comply with the latest version of BS 5250. For tricky ventilation problems, where there is no clear airpath from eaves to ridge, Cembrit has developed low-profile vents for use on the roof slope. These are unobtrusive and can also be used as terminals.

Cembrit’s emphasis on customer service extends to rapid availability. Accessories, together with slates are available at five locations around the UK. Customers can get advice on the design, installation and fixing of the fibre cement range either on the telephone from one of the depots, or in print from Cembrit’s recently launched 80 page Guide to Double Lap Slating with Fibre Cement Slates.

Manufactured from the same raw materials and pigments as their fibre cement slates, Cembrit ridges are the perfect complement to a Cembrit fibre cement roof. The products match the slate colour, with no unsightly protrusions or changes of angle, contributing to the sleek effect that can be achieved with Cembrit fibre cement slate roofs. Cembrit can also provide a range of unobtrusive In-line slate vents and slate and ridge fixings specifically designed to meet the most demanding aesthetic requirements.

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