Transforming damp and dingy basements into comfortable living spaces is becoming more and more popular – thanks in no small part to the extensive range of products offered by Delta Membrane Systems. Many of these products now feature in a new catalogue from the company.

Over the years Delta has earned a reputation for being the ‘one stop shop’ for all things needed in basement refurbishment and new-build. This includes a wide range of sumps, pumps and control technology – all of which is featured in the new brochure.

This 36-page publication also features the company’s drainage channels and fittings, as well as giving a standard pump overview, and details of pump performance.

Useful information on pipework, commissioning and installation is given along with service and maintenance procedures. All the data is further enhanced by two-dimensional diagrams, three-dimensional cut-away photography, and performance graphs showing the technical information on many of the electrical products.

Frequently asked questions are also listed along with the company’s responses.

The expert team within Delta Membrane Systems is known for giving sound advice and solving potential problems. This catalogue gives a ready reference to enhance the expertise available from the company.

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