This summer, we’re offering three Secondary or Upper schools the opportunity to take up one of our sensational School Urban Transformer Grants. In each week-long program in the summer holidays, Building Transformation will provide the tools, training and expert knowledge to transform your school environment with founding partner Reece Wood and his expert colleagues.

The program, for six enthusiastic students, will offer a fun, skill-building opportunity to engage with, develop and improve their school’s space, as well as offering the following skills:

  • Environmental evaluation
  • Developing a plan of action
  • Selecting and meeting deadlines
  • Performing risk assessments
  • Analysing and understanding safety checks and construction plans
  • Taking instructions from supervising experts
  • Working as a team to produce agreed results

All these skills and more will be developed by the staff of Building Transformation, at no cost to the participating schools. All safety equipment and materials will also be provided by Building Transformation.

“When I pick my own kids up from school, it’s obvious that the classes enjoy activities most in those well-maintained, well cared-for areas; I can see how the school environment has a direct affect on their engagement with it. Any external building fabric plays a big part in influencing the emotions and even behaviour of the building users: a school landscape should be positive, feel safe and reflect the school’s culture and values, as a space that inspires students and teachers and makes them proud.

“However, maintenance issues can be costly, and low on the list of concerns as more pressing items taking priority; problems are often allowed to build and impact the school’s environments, negatively influencing students’ feelings about their school over time. This can result in an imbalance between the core values of a school, and its physical appearance. The problem isn’t down to people not caring, but rather that both budgets and time are limited.

“Yet the simple solutions that make a real difference to the quality of a school environment shouldn’t be expensive or difficult to access. Algae, carbon, environmental pollution, chewing gum & graffiti, are all easily removed with the correct equipment and approach. This year we aim to give the know-how and control back to schools and students, to help create school environments of the future. The School Urban Transformer Grant is our way of making a difference in our own communities.

“We want to create a fun programme, that builds the students’ skills, values and education, plus uses their enthusiasm and energy to give something back to the school environment that has helped shape their future, at no expense to the school. And by developing and completing the process with the students, they’ll take ownership of their space, feeling more protective, and viewing it with a new set of eyes.

I’d love to hear your thoughts — please get in touch, and I can answer any questions you might have.”

What is the purpose behind the School Urban Transformer program?

“To work with three schools for one week each, to help them create a more inspiring, valued and more sustainable environment that they are proud of and is in line with their standards of performance; to breathe new life into the tired or challenging-to-manage school environment; and to give the knowhow, pride and ownership back to the students, and back to the school. We want students and schools to feel that the cleaned and restored environment is a closer reflection of their values, ethos and vision.

“The grant includes one week’s Urban Transformation program within your school, as well as one day’s initial planning and development three to four weeks prior, working with your chosen students and your school’s maintenance staff.”

Why is Building Transformation doing this?

“We’re constantly thinking how we canwhat make real difference, both to environments and people, by bringing to life the real purpose of our business with our skills and assets. Having been asked to provide solutions to schools over the past few years, having looked at the varying condition of school environments, listened to the issues around budgets and maintenance limitations, pressures, priorities and how all of this impacts on the school, we believe that we can give schools the knowhow and solutions they need to create an environment and space that fits with their ethos and vision for the future.

“It’s important to us to help create communities of people that take ownership and pride in their environment.”

Who is Building Transformation?

“We’re an international building façade maintenance and consultancy service, working with major industry and education institutions across the UK and abroad, with over 15 years’ expertise in design, environmental sustainability and building regeneration.”

What do the schools need to do?

“Complete the application form by 17th June. The chosen schools will need to select six Y12 students who have the enthusiasm and energy to take part in the program for a week during the summer holidays, and who will be eager to learn new skills and develop their CVs and UCAS applications while also protecting their school environment for the future.”

For more information please visit, email or phone 01234 964 019.
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