Holiday-makers visiting luxurious log cabins set deep in Scottish woodlands, are able to enjoy the great outdoors more safely after JB Antislip Plus from Marley Eternit was specified to provide the external antislip surface for the cabins’ outdoor decking areas.

The 11 woodland cabins, which are located in Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, Strathyre, on the edge of Loch Lubnaig, offer guests a secluded escape in a variety of cabin options, many with a hot tub on the decking area.

It was this unique combination of solid timber cabins against a picturesque mountainous background, which saw project owners Forest Holidays, need to specify a robust decking solution, which not only provided a natural extension to the cabins’ timber exteriors, but also delivered effective antislip properties.

With the hot tubs located on the decking area outside, Forest Holidays needed a product which would ensure holiday-makers remained safe while enjoying the outdoor area. As a result, the company specified JB Antislip Plus, which features grey resin based aggregate inserts injected into the deck board grooves, delivering a durable and effective external antislip surface to minimise the risk of slipping.

Mark Sheppard, procurement manager at Forest Holidays explains why the company is confident in its decision to specifiy JB Antislip Plus. He says: “Having worked with Marley Eternit on a number of previous projects, we already knew its products were capable of meeting our exact requirements.

“So, when we were developing our Strathyre location, it was really important we specified a product which complemented the surrounding forest environment. Yet, our requirements also meant we needed a solution which not only held the antislip credentials to ensure holiday-makers stayed safe, but one which could also cope with the unpredictable Scottish weather! JB Antislip Plus delivers the best of both worlds and also ensured we used the highest quality specialised materials throughout the project.”

JB Antislip Plus timber decking boards are specifically designed to provide a durable and effective external antislip surface, designed to perform even in the most adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, the decking can be treated for extra protection to either Use Class 3 (MicroPro®) or Use Class 4 (Naturewood®) to further suit the project requirements.

Charlotte Hughes, Product Marketing Manager at Marley Eternit, concludes: “JB Antislip Plus is an ideal decking solution for a project of this nature where people are moving in and out of a hot tub, and the risk of trips and slips can be high. In addition, it was also important to take into account the natural surrounding area, and as such, we needed to deliver a solution which really complemented the forest and mountainous backdrop. JB Antislip Plus not only seamlessly blends with the cabins’ exterior, but its antislip properties also exceed HSL slip testing guidelines, ensuring the highest level of protection for visitors.”

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