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Marley Eternit is helping to make roof system specification easier with the launch of a new version of its popular roofing guide.

The 2017 Roof Systems Specification Guide now includes all of the information architects need to design and specify a complete pitched roof system, ensuring compliance with BS 5534 and reducing the risk of product substitution.

Marley Eternit’s new guide covers more roofing elements than ever before, from battens and underlay to clay and concrete tiles, fibre cement slates, profiled sheeting, shingles and shakes, right through to ventilation and fixings. It covers all aspects of roofing design and practice, including building regulations and standards, as well as the management of condensation, thermal insulation and weather resistance.

Alex Gill from Marley Eternit, explains: “Just like the rest of the construction industry, we know that architects and other specifiers are increasingly stretched. With more projects, less time, new innovations and changing regulations, they can’t be experts on all products. That’s where support from manufacturers is vital and resources like our new Roof System Specification Guide can be invaluable. We’re sure that this new, more comprehensive, guide will prove even more popular than previous editions.

“Recent figures from the NBS Specification survey show that 78 per cent of respondents think product substitution is still an issue in the industry, so there is a clear role for manufacturers to support specifiers in developing robust specifications that protect design intent. Using a complete tested roof system from Marley Eternit can help specifiers take greater control of the supply chain, with less risk of product substitution further down the line. It also delivers clear levels of accountability and integration, giving greater protection to specifiers by helping to reduce risk to their design liability.”

Marley Eternit offers the most comprehensive pitched roof system on the market, with more elements guaranteed to work together than any other manufacturer and a fifteen year system guarantee.

To download your copy of the new Roof System Specification Guide, or request a hard copy, visit
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