• Delivers above average coefficient of performance to help reduce a building’s energy consumption and reduce operational costs
  • Perfect for hybrid DHW systems that help meet new carbon targets
  • Quick and easy to install and then maintain

Hot water and heating specialist Adveco, in partnership with Italian heating manufacturer Cosmogas, introduces the FPi range of commercial-grade Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP). The two variants, the FPi-9 and FPi-13, provide excellent levels of performance, especially throughout the UK’s relatively mild winters.


FPi delivers an easy to install method for commercial sites to achieve lower cost water heating or cooling. With sleek looks and quiet operation, the compact monobloc design is capable of providing domestic hot water (DHW) at up to 55°C, or cool water to -7°C for use in fan coils.


Bill Sinclair, technical director, Adveco, says, “The FPi range of ASHPs is perfect for combining with a traditional gas water heater and controls to create a hybrid system. Offering better compatibility with existing DHW distribution systems and the demands of higher thermal requirements. This approach provides the versatility to reduce operational costs while maintaining the higher water temperatures demanded by commercial DHW operations. A hybrid system built around the FPi can help businesses meet their carbon targets in the coming decade, while keeping running costs low.”


Due to advanced vector control technology that provides accurate response to variable operational cycles throughout the year, the FPi range is able to achieve an above-average coefficient of performance (COP). Ranging up to a very high COP of 4.7, FPi ASHPs can make a real impact on a property’s energy consumption.


The FPi range is virtually maintenance free, requiring simple, regular cleaning of the coil and filter. Sensors constantly check pressure and each unit is equipped as standard with frost protection, enabling them to operate effectively with excellent yields even if temperatures drop as low as -25°C.



Technical Information


  FPi-9 FPi-13
Dimensions HxWxD (mm)


753x943x354 1195x1123x400
Weight (kg) 62.5 113
Noise level (dB(A)) 56 59
Max. heating capacity (1) (kW) 10.1 12.6
Max. heating capacity (2) (kW) 9.53 11.5
COP min. / max. (1) 4.02/4.65 3.89/4.7
COP min. / max. (2) 3.12/3.55 2.97/3.28
Circuit max. pressure (bar) 42 42
Rated water flow (L/s) 0.43 0.61


(1) Heating condition: Water in/out temperature 30°C/35°C. Ambient temperature DB/WB 7/6°C.

(2) Heating condition: Water in/out temperature 40°C/45°C. Ambient temperature DB/WB 7/6°C.


About Adveco

With almost 50 years of industry experience, Adveco is the trusted specialist provider of bespoke hot water, heating and power systems to the building services industry. Committed to partnering with its commercial and government customers, Adveco helps create comfortable, efficient, functional, safe and sustainable buildings through invaluable support in the design, supply, commissioning and service of business-critical hot water, heating and power. Headquartered in the UK, the company operates across Europe from offices in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Adveco – Expertly engineered for you. Visit www.adveco.co

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