Yale has launched an innovative new window bracket which can reduce housebuilding programmes dramatically. It allows fully glazed windows to be installed into external timber wall panels and delivered flat to the building site.


The patented Yale Expede Window Bracket allows fabricators to fit fully glazed windows straight into the external timber wall panels at the factory during the production process. This saves time and money, provides a consistent factory finish and creates significant savings for housebuilders.


Time savings and increased sales revenue


The bracket offers increased productivity and a faster installation once the timber panels have been erected on site as the window is simply pushed out to the required distance and the final fix inserted to permanently hold in this position. Both internal and external trades can start immediately, as the build will be watertight within one day. This can reduce the overall programme by approximately three weeks, as well as reducing site costs.


Increased safety


Paul Atkinson, Managing Director at Yale, comments:

“For housebuilders, time is money, and our bracket speeds up the entire build programme and of course window installation. With the fully glazed window in place, wet trades can get onsite earlier, and buildings are more secure from the outset. It also reduces the risk of accidents linked to manual handling and working at heights.

“As the building is secured immediately when the timber frame is constructed, it reduces the risk of theft and fire and may also reduce site insurance costs. It’s no wonder housebuilders are eagerly awaiting this new product.”



Timber can dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of a new build. Of all the main building materials, it is the most environmentally friendly, as it has the lowest energy consumption and the lowest carbon dioxide emissions.


As the window is transported while being protected within the external timber wall panel itself, it takes up no additional space on the lorry. This means fewer miles clocked up in transit and less traffic on site. It also means there is a reduced risk of damage to the window, reducing waste.


Manufactured and tested in the UK, the Yale Expede window bracket has been subjected to loading in excess of 200kg in the open position for over 72 hours and corrosion testing up to 240 hours. It is available in 50mm and 75mm variants and is covered by Yale’s Lifetime Guarantee.


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