Setter Architects in Israel have designed stunning new offices for several international companies, including Palo Alto Networks, one of the world’s most innovative technology organisations. The link between these projects is the way their interiors all benefit from high performance acoustic ceilings manufactured by Troldtekt in Denmark.

Palo Alto Networks is a company involved in developing cyber defence solutions. Located on the 24th floor of a complex of multi-storey office towers in a colourful and historical part of Tel Aviv, the design inspiration is the introduction of eclectic low-tech external elements to the interior. These include steel window profiles and garage doors, exposed bricks, old textured glass to divide public spaces and historic artefacts.

All employees, including managers, work in open spaces located at the perimeter of the floor, alongside the windows. Transparent high partitions enable intimacy and improve acoustics, yet allow the urban feel of the outside environment to flow in.

Palo Alto benefits from stunning aesthetics and controlled environments which absorb the sounds and reverberations from hard surfaces and the natural echoes of a very busy offices. The superior acoustic performance of the ceilings is combined with different forms of lighting, air-conditioning and amplifiers. Apart from high sound absorption, other benefits include durability and natural breathability coupled with low cost performance and sustainability as documented by Cradle to Cradle certification at silver level.

Troldtekt natural wood wool ceiling panels are widely specified throughout the UK, Europe and internationally for many different buildings as well as for refurbished interiors. They are available in various sizes and in four grades from extreme fine to coarse. Although most are used in their natural untreated state, they can also be painted in virtually any RAL colour.

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