When The Knaresborough Inn (formerly known as Dower House) recently underwent a major refurbishment, a new high-efficiency low-temperature hot water (LTHW) heating system from Hamworthy Heating was employed to help the Inn minimise energy costs and maintain a comfortable environment.


To meet the demands of the Grade II listed building and provide sufficient coverage for an Inn of this standard, Sine Consulting Ltd specified a system that comprised two Stratton mk3 wall-hung condensing boilers and two Dorchester DR-SG stainless steel condensing water heaters.


“We choose this new LTHW system as it is more than capable of meeting the demands of our clients who are an ever-expanding hotelier group who put guest satisfaction and experience alike at the forefront of what they do as a business”, comments James Coleman, Sine Consulting Limited.


Faced with limited space within the plant room, when it came to specifying a boiler for the new system, the Stratton mk3, which features a small and lightweight design, provided simple installation and offered a space saving alternative to floor standing alternatives. To further simplify the practical elements of the installation process, the Dorchester DR-SG, which features a diameter of 80cm (excluding models), enabled the water heaters to be easy transported through standard doorways without needing to remove any product elements (such as insulation jackets).


Due to the age of the building and to mitigate any issues caused by potentially dirty water in the existing system, Hamworthy also supplied a low-loss header to work in conjunction with the Stratton MK3 boilers. The header is sized with a very low velocity and when positioned correctly will effectively separate the primary and secondary systems and help to keep any system pollutants away from the boiler circuit.


The stainless-steel aspect of both the Stratton mk3 and the Dorchester DR-SG was also a big consideration when it came to product selection. Offering considerable resistance to corrosion which can help to maximise service life, The Knaresborough Inn can now expect to achieve valuable cost savings from reduced service and maintenance intervals.


Suitable for both renovation and new build projects, both the Stratton mk3 and the Dorchester DR-SG are fully compliant with Building Regulations Part L and are supplied with a market-leading 5-year warranty as standard from Hamworthy Heating (terms and conditions apply).


No stranger to Hamworthy Heating, Sine Consulting Limited has specified Hamworthy products on numerous occasions for a range of installations, including other projects for The Inn Collection Group.


“Hamworthy products offer a robust and quality solution with excellent product support to back them up. We have a good relationship with our local Hamworthy Sales Manager and have always found them to be very supportive and knowledgeable when it comes to helping us to find the right solution for our clients”, comments James Coleman, Sine Consulting Limited.


The new LTHW heating system from Hamworthy Heating provides sufficient coverage for the newly refurbished Inn with continuous throughput to cover peak demands. This means that The Knaresborough Inn now benefits from a sufficient hot water supply to meet the demands of its growing business and patrons adequately and efficiently.


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