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TRILUX Lighting’s Innovative Partnership for Circular Buildings

TRILUX Lighting, a leading innovator in sustainable lighting solutions, is proud to announce its ongoing collaboration with the Berlin-based start-up Urban Beta. Since 2021, this dynamic partnership has been at the forefront of a groundbreaking movement towards sustainable construction practices.

Urban Beta specialises in manufacturing environmentally responsible buildings using recyclable wooden modules, and TRILUX Lighting has risen to the occasion with an intelligent lighting concept designed to complement and enhance these innovative structures, featuring highly efficient and eco-friendly luminaires such as the SO-TUBE LED.


Traditional construction is often costly, labour-intensive, and far from environmentally sustainable. Urban Beta, founded by Anke Parson, Marvin Bratke, Florian Michaelis, and Paul Bart, is pioneering a new approach to construction. Their groundbreaking solution, the BetaPort, is an innovative modular system designed for circular wooden structures. With these modules, buildings of up to three storeys can be swiftly erected, complete with all necessary connections and utilities, from electricity to water. Remarkably, these sustainable wooden structures boast a lifespan comparable to traditionally constructed brick buildings, lasting up to 150 years.

The true game-changer, however, lies in the circularity of the BetaPort. Once a building reaches the end of its useful life, its elements can be easily disassembled with minimal emissions. These components can then be either reused in new constructions or have their materials entirely recycled. This groundbreaking approach decouples building and depreciation cycles from the durability of the components, resulting in significantly reduced environmental impact.


Complementing the environmentally friendly building envelope, TRILUX Lighting has developed an intelligent and sustainable lighting concept tailor-made for Urban Beta’s projects. Central to this concept is the SO-TUBE LED luminaire. With its outstanding flexibility in terms of lighting technology, lengths, and installation methods, the SO-TUBE LED is the perfect all-rounder for delivering high-quality lighting within wooden structures. Its iconic tubular industrial design seamlessly harmonises with the aesthetic charm of wooden architecture. Importantly, these luminaires can be reused after the disassembly of a building, aligning with the circular principles of the wooden modules and finding new life in future projects.


Building upon the successful partnership’s achievements, Urban Beta recently began realising its first commercial buildings in 2023. A notable project is the Leipzig International School (LIS) in Leipzig. The school required a solution for an approximately 100 square metre expansion building to serve as a creative space, and they enthusiastically chose the BetaPort system. What sets this project apart is the remarkable recycling rate of the planned new construction, with 80 per cent of the modules in Leipzig already having been utilised in other projects.

An added advantage of this approach is the expeditious and straightforward approval process. In the initial phase, the building is considered a “flying construction” in terms of legal regulations, allowing it to be used for up to six months without a traditional building permit. During this period, the application for permanent use is submitted. Construction commencement and completion for the LIS expansion are scheduled for August 2023, and TRILUX eagerly anticipates the opening of this innovative structure.

TRILUX Lighting is excited to continue its partnership with Urban Beta and looks forward to participating in many more inspiring projects that push the boundaries of sustainability and circular construction practices. Together, they are forging a brighter, more eco-conscious future built on the foundation of wooden buildings.


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