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It was after the Second World War the UK saw a rapid demand for house building and solutions needed to be provided quickly and efficiently. It was during this time that new techniques and products were introduced to the building industry to meet these demands, but unfortunately there was an oversight in quality due to the extreme quantity that was being produced leading to many publicised failures.

Sixty years on and modern methods of construction (MMC) has seen a staggering evolution and investment. Legislations have forced a change in the way we build, based on climate change, performance based building standards and the code for sustainable homes. Much of what MMC promotes is efficiency, quality, environmental performance, sustainability and short time scales using better products and processes. The methods consist of offsite construction where parts are manufactured and assembled in a factory and brought to site already complete, or onsite construction which brings components and systems together onsite.

At Premier Guarantee we have a product and system approval process which has been developed to help manufacturers gain accreditation under our technical requirements. For developers and builders this is important as we want to make sure the MMC products and systems you use are approved by us and accepted by our warranty cover.

We are continuously working with manufacturers to expand our approved MMC products and systems. To see which ones have already been given the seal of approval, please see our product approval page.

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