Wykamol, market leader in the development and supply of remedial treatment products for damp, insect infestation, and dry rot has launched a brand new corporate catalogue, featuring new innovations as well as time-honoured standards.

Aimed at builders, contractors, specifiers and local authority purchasing departments, the compact 100-page booklet features every product in the current Wykamol portfolio, alongside technical drawings, product guides, explanatory diagrams, and illustrations of products in application and in situ.

Wykamol was founded in 1934 when Stanley Richardson was called to tackle a deathwatch beetle infestation at Winchester Cathedral. Recognising a niche for a company that could develop and manufacture remedial treatments for insect blight and similar complaints, Wykamol was born.

Insecticides, fungicides and all manner of timber and surface treatments remain a major part of Wykamol’s business, and its comprehensive range is presented in its entirety in the new catalogue. It is, however, basement conversion, damp proofing and structural waterproofing with which the Wykamol name is now broadly tied.

“There’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution to water ingress in buildings”, explains Andrew Latimer, Sales Director for the Wykamol Group. “The varying nature of different constructions, in itself presents challenges in selecting the correct damp proofing method for the job. At Wykamol, no matter whether it’s a ‘two-up two-down’ with a mouldy basement, or a new-build multi-storey car park, constructed on a flood plain; we’re confident in offering the product you require and can advise you in making the right decision.”

Wykamol has invested £850k in 2016, extending its Burnley HQ to house a new powder processing and bagging plant. “We’re always looking for ways to improve our offering to customers and increase the efficiency of our operations”, Andrew continues. “The new plant is our latest forward-thinking venture – others including our state-of-the-art, in-house product development lab. We’re now able to prepare bespoke powder formulations to customer’s exact specifications, such as cement waterproofing powders, thermal renders, specialist structural grouts and more.”

The catalogue’s eye-catching design takes a light-hearted look at the restoration and waterproofing trade: “Above all, a catalogue is a functional document, but there’s no reason practicality can’t be entertaining!”, Andrew adds. “We’ve covered our design with bootprints, mortar splashes and coffee cup stains, for a look that many contractors will instantly feel at home with!”

To find out more about Wykamol, visit and, to order your free copy of the new Wykamol catalogue, email or call 0845 400 6666.