Venture Lighting Europe has launched its very first range of VLED Filament Lamps for the domestic and commercial markets.

As the trend for classic filament lamps in bars, restaurants, hotels and homes following an industrial or vintage theme returns, Venture has created a highly efficient, low-energy alternative to the classic lamp using the latest high performance LED technology. Designed to be a direct replacement for halogen or incandescent lamps, Venture’s new stylish VLED Filament Lamps are A+ rated and can help businesses and homeowners save up to 90% in energy and significantly reduce carbon emissions.

The new VLED Filament Lamps, Venture’s latest addition to its growing range of VLED lighting solutions, carries many great benefits besides the attractive aesthetics, and can be selected in a range of traditional or alternative styles and a choice of outputs to find the right lamp to suit any application.

The VLED Filament Lamp is available as a GLS, candle, golf ball, globe or squirrel bulb, all of which offer a 300° multi-directional beam angle for a wide distribution of light across the room. Unlike other, traditional lamps, the LED technology means that the lamps reach the correct level of lighting instantly to avoid lengthy lamp ‘warm up’ times.

Available in 4W or 6W, the low-output lamps significantly reduce the electricity consumption of the scheme, which allows users to save a considerable amount of money on operating costs, with a very fast payback period of about one year. The VLED lamps also offer a 15,000 hour average lamp life, which is up to 15 times longer than average halogen or incandescent lamps. The VLED lamps are dimmable as standard to help save more energy where possible.

Based on the standard screw or bayonet fixing, the full range can be easily installed without the need for a professional electrician to allow businesses or homeowners to simply upgrade their existing lighting to these stylish lamps to create a warm, vintage ambience. The lamps can also be used as a stylish, contemporary alternative to standard bulbs to enhance the attractive aesthetics of pendant fixtures or chandeliers.

Designed for stylish interiors that reflect an industrial, vintage or contemporary design, Venture’s VLED Filament Lamps have been created with a colour temperature of 2700K to emit a warm colour light as standard, reflecting the original design of classic filament lamps. In having these warm light levels, a soft and relaxed ambience is created which is an increasing trend in the hospitality sector. Although the lamps have a low colour temperature, they also offer a high efficacy rate of up to 100 lumens per circuit watt to ensure high quality light is produced.

Venture Lighting Europe has produced an extensive brochure covering the full range of VLED Filament Lamps, highlighting their key features, benefits and application options, as well as an explanatory Payback Calculator to help customers understand the monetary savings involved with the lamp replacement. This brochure can be downloaded from the company’s website,

Further information on the VLED Filament Lamp range is available from Venture Lighting Europe on 01923 692600, by emailing: or by visiting the company’s website at