Stannah is proud to announce that Joint Chairmen, Brian and Alan Stannah, have been awarded MBEs in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list, 2017. The brothers and fourth generation business leaders have received the honour in recognition of services to British Manufacturing.

Brian and Alan have been awarded MBEs as Stannah celebrates its 150th year in business as manufacturer and supplier of lifting products. The brothers have worked together for 54 years, not only turning around the fortunes of the ailing business in the 1960s, but transforming Stannah into a household name.

With complementary sales and engineering expertise, Brian and Alan were the masterminds behind Stannah’s most famed product: the stairlift. Together, they worked tirelessly to produce and launch the stairlift in the 1970s, going on to sell over 600,000 worldwide ever since. The brothers then developed the Maxilift, an innovative range of passenger lifts which quickly became extremely popular and a core product for the business.

The Joint Chairmen have committed their professional lives to excellence and innovation in British engineering and manufacturing, with every single Stannah stairlift chair and carriage designed and manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Andover.

Today, Stannah operates in 40 countries worldwide and employs almost 2,000 people, with the support of the fifth generation of the family. Under the brothers’ stewardship, the company has generated well over £3.5billion of turnover and is widely regarded as a pioneering, sustainable and vibrant business.

In parallel to their professional endeavours, the brothers have also spent the past 50 years supporting local charities. They have donated their time and considerable sums to causes such as Icknield Special School in Andover, Alton College’s Building Futures Fundraising Appeal, the Jubilee Sailing Trust, Riding for the Disabled and The Prince’s Trust.

Commenting on the news, Brian and Alan Stannah said: “We are deeply humbled to be the recipients of such an honour. A steadfast commitment to innovation, quality and customer service has been the guiding principles of our family business and are as relevant today as they were when we joined the business. Our hard working and loyal colleagues have been integral to upholding these values over the years, and to them we are truly grateful.”

Jon Stannah, managing director of Stannah and Brian’s son, added: “Stannah this year celebrates its landmark 150th year thanks to the entrepreneurialism and dedication of our Joint Chairmen, Brian and Alan. Their MBEs are richly deserved and we are tremendously proud of their incredible achievements, both today and over the course of their 50 plus years with the business.”

Opened on 3rd January 2016, the new southern entrance to Leeds Station features four Stannah escalators and two passenger lifts.

Following multiple escalator and lift installations at the Midlands hub of Birmingham New Street and Grand Central for Network Rail and Mace, Stannah were again the chosen supplier and installer of all vertical transport within the southern entrance building (known as the LSSE scheme.), this time working with main contractor Carillion to fulfil the brief. The work was completed by the Stannah Escalator & Moving Walkway Department and Stannah Major Projects team in just twelve weeks.

Funded by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Leeds Council, the Department for Transport and Network Rail, the new extension provides an attractive new accessible entrance and additional concourse built in the River Aire. The building was created to diminish congestion at this busy commuter station into and out of West Yorkshire and the North of England, making it an attractive route for tourists again. Up to 20,000 passengers (or 20% of current footfall) are estimated to benefit from using the new entrance, shortening commute times and providing easy access from the south of Leeds.

The four escalators provide continuous vertical transportation for ambulant people. Those travellers with heavy luggage, child buggies or wheelchair-users are well provided for with two bespoke 13-person traction passenger lifts located just inside the entrance.

The tight restraints on the site meant some of the features of the lift equipment had to be modified to achieve the design and vision without compromising safety.

The escalators are to NR specification with some additional features bespoke to the Leeds station project. These features were based on the tight restraints of the site and the designers risk assessment required to mitigate those risks.

This included special software so that all the machines operate to a special design philosophy when stopped in an emergency situation, including installing an additional stop button on each machine during mid travel. Bespoke manufacture of the machines at 35 degrees instead of the standard NR specification of 30 degrees, and the reduction of the speed of the machines from the standard NR .65m/s to .05m/s all result in safe, efficient travel within the constraints of an unusual and stunning building design. With no room for housing external controllers these became an integral part of the escalators.

The lifts had restricted space so machine room-less traction equipment was installed to enable the largest capacity possible within the tight footprint of the new building.

The new pedestrian entrance will be of great benefit to people living and working south of the river, and will open up new travel opportunities providing a further stimulus to redevelopment and expansion of the city centre, and will support the continued regeneration of the southern quarter of the city.

Stannah continue to add to their portfolio of high-profile rail projects, helping Network Rail achieve their target of ‘Step-free access’ across the rail network.

The North West England and North Wales Stannah service branch, part of Stannah’s nationwide branch network, will be maintaining the lifts and escalators to ensure the safe flow of people and goods through this new entrance.

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Looks like a passenger lift? Check. Functions like a passenger lift? Check. All the gorgeous interior options of a passenger lift range? No problem!

Whilst technically being a machinery directive platform lift, our Piccolo looks just like a passenger lift with sliding doors, fully automatic cabin and landing controls. With its compact shaft size, minimal pit and headroom and its use of single-phase power supply, it’s the passenger lift your project needs with none of the headache.

Plus – we have made the installation of this groundbreaking product even easier with the introduction of the Stannah FX structure option. Unique to Stannah, the FX structure comprises of a ‘shaft within a shaft’. Erected by our engineers, it negates the need for scaffolding within the shaft – saving both time and money on site. Travel is now up to 12m and with smaller cabin sizes available, this lift is now even more adaptable to your project.

Piccolo offers the best of both worlds and is ideal in sites where digging a pit is neither practical nor possible. It delivers much of the functionality of a passenger lift but can be accommodated in surprisingly small spaces. It’s a great alternative to a traditional platform lift when the position of the lift is against a load bearing wall and a shaft can easily be created. It’s stylish, conventional appearance means it looks great in both public buildings, schools and colleges, shops and restaurants or even in your own home. It lends itself well to existing buildings but is equally at home in new-build projects.

The only thing you have to worry about with a Piccolo lift is letting us know your specifications. This is the lift for passengers – that isn’t a passenger lift!

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The already ground breaking Stairiser range has some exciting new updates! The lift is designed to carry one person safely up a straight or curved stairway – seated in a wheelchair, or on the fold down seat provided – for when a passenger lift simply isn’t an option.

The Stairiser CR, or ‘curved rail’ model, now boasts the same compact drive motor as its sister ‘straight rail’, or SR, range. This means the lift fits in tight squeeze public places, improving access for wheelchair users, whilst keeping the stairway free for regular use.

Stairiser CR is now not only easier to use and maintain but it is also more energy efficient. The updated unit uses a single-phase power supply rather than the previous three-phase and a new state of the art digital diagnostic display helps you identify any problems and shows running times. This means a skilled Stannah engineer can now identify a fault over the phone and arrive ready with anything you might need to get your lift back in perfect working order. With a new improved speed of up to 0.15m/s, the Stairiser CR is now offering reduced journey time whilst maintaining rider comfort.

Previously a charged extra, radio controlled hall calls are now as standard – they can be portable or wall mounted, so no messy wiring or disruptive builders work will slow your installation down. For added reassurance, battery backup is supplied as standard.

Our Stairiser inclined platform lifts are ideal access solutions, if your building cannot accommodate a vertical lift, helping you offer an even bigger welcome to wheelchair users.
For internal or external use, both models are fully automatic and easy to operate by the wheelchair user and /or a companion, carrying one person seated in a wheelchair or on the seat provided.

The Stairiser SR and CR are available with different mounting configurations for maximum flexibility, for load requirement and building type and comes in a wide range of platform sizes and finishes. All statutory guidance is met, including the Equality Act 2010.

For full information on the new features of the Stairiser CR, visit the Stannah website: