The already ground breaking Stairiser range has some exciting new updates! The lift is designed to carry one person safely up a straight or curved stairway – seated in a wheelchair, or on the fold down seat provided – for when a passenger lift simply isn’t an option.

The Stairiser CR, or ‘curved rail’ model, now boasts the same compact drive motor as its sister ‘straight rail’, or SR, range. This means the lift fits in tight squeeze public places, improving access for wheelchair users, whilst keeping the stairway free for regular use.

Stairiser CR is now not only easier to use and maintain but it is also more energy efficient. The updated unit uses a single-phase power supply rather than the previous three-phase and a new state of the art digital diagnostic display helps you identify any problems and shows running times. This means a skilled Stannah engineer can now identify a fault over the phone and arrive ready with anything you might need to get your lift back in perfect working order. With a new improved speed of up to 0.15m/s, the Stairiser CR is now offering reduced journey time whilst maintaining rider comfort.

Previously a charged extra, radio controlled hall calls are now as standard – they can be portable or wall mounted, so no messy wiring or disruptive builders work will slow your installation down. For added reassurance, battery backup is supplied as standard.

Our Stairiser inclined platform lifts are ideal access solutions, if your building cannot accommodate a vertical lift, helping you offer an even bigger welcome to wheelchair users.
For internal or external use, both models are fully automatic and easy to operate by the wheelchair user and /or a companion, carrying one person seated in a wheelchair or on the seat provided.

The Stairiser SR and CR are available with different mounting configurations for maximum flexibility, for load requirement and building type and comes in a wide range of platform sizes and finishes. All statutory guidance is met, including the Equality Act 2010.

For full information on the new features of the Stairiser CR, visit the Stannah website: