SMARTGLASS Dynamic, powered by SageGlass is a new glazing technology which has been hailed as a revelation. SMARTGLASS allows you to switch from clear glass through three progressively darker tints, giving you more control over both heat and light levels – all in a matter of minutes. The various shades of blue tint help to reduce glare and allow for a relaxed environment, no matter what the weather is doing outside.

Developed in the US and only recently arriving on UK shores, SMARTGLASS is currently available for residential homes via a range of lantern roofs, with full conservatory and bi-folding door products due to be available at a later date. SMARTGLASS is also ideal for offices and commercial buildings, especially where meetings take place and where screens suffer from glare.

SMARTGLASS offers three basic tint levels. The clear state is indistinguishable from normal glass and will let the same amount of light into the property. This tint level is ideal for darker winter days and for when a lot of light is required.

The full tint, at the opposite end of the scale, blocks 96% of the sun’s rays and reduces light transmission to just 1%. This full tint stage is ideal for very bright summer days, or where glare is a problem when reading or using technology. The blue hue creates a calming and relaxed space.

There is also a choice of intermediate states which allow you to tailor the perfect amount of incoming light. The glazing is tinted via a switch, which allows you to fully customise the light levels to best suit your needs.

SMARTGLASS Dynamic, powered by SageGlass works in a very simple and effective way. The glass itself is covered with layers of electrochromic coating. This is practically invisible to the naked eye and when in the clear state, this glass will simply look like ‘normal’ glazing. The layers of coating control the tint levels by allowing the lithium ions and electrons to travel through the layers when a low voltage is applied. When the ions and electrons are all transported to one layer of the coating, a dark tint is observed. As soon as the voltage polarity is reversed, the ions and electrons will travel back to their respective layers and the glass appears clear.

The voltage required is low (less than 5V DC) and is easy to install; just a simple wire through the frame is required. As mentioned above, SMARTGLASS is initially available in a range of roof lanterns. Five size options are available:


Further information can be requested from Evander – one of the leading property services companies in the UK.