This summer, established aluminium fabricator Alumen Ltd is launching a new product that’s set to revolutionise the aluminium sliding door market. Partnering with Spanish aluminium giants Cortizo, Alumen is one of the first fabricators to launch the Cor-Vision Plus sliding door to the UK market.

Alan Robinson, Alumen’s MD elaborates “The new aluminium sliding door system has been designed to offer uninterrupted, expansive glass areas thanks to its incredibly slim sightlines. Its innovative inlaid frame design, coupled with ultra-slim sash profiles, means that the visible profile on an installed doorset is just 25mm.

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“Cor-Vision Plus offers industry-leading credentials across the board. It’s available with maximum sash sizes up to four metres width and height, with two, three of four sash options. Sashes can be fixed or sliding, on twin or triple tracks. It can handle double or triple glazed IGUs up to 54mm thick, allowing U-values of down to 0.9 and acoustic insulation of up to 43 dBA.

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“Homeowners want to connect their indoor and outdoor spaces and Cor-Vision Plus is a significant step towards that. While its ultra-slim design is the headline feature, everything about it has been put together with practicality in mind. When the doors are closed they’ll see just 25mm of profile, everything else is glass. But when the doors are open, its innovative inlaid pocket frame means that there’s zero threshold – nothing to interrupt the flow from inside to outside.

“The rollers are in the frame, while the sashes have stainless steel reinforced channels. This makes operation incredibly smooth and easy, and enables heavier sashes. As result, sashes up to 400kg can be manually operated, while any sash up to 700kg can be motorised.

“The result is a stunning – although almost invisible – architectural sliding door that can be used in apertures up to 16 metres wide by four metres high. But more importantly, it allows people to connect their indoor and outdoor spaces in a way that’s never been seen before.”

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