Good quality and modern aesthetics are perfectly combined in the fibre cement slate roof of a selfbuild residential property, thanks to the installation of Cembrit Jutland fibre cement slates.

Situated in the suburbs of the beautiful town of Chilton in Durham, the selfbuild property has been constructed to feature a modern style and character that blends into the surrounding environment. Built on a vacant plot, the property comprises five bedrooms and features a multi pitched roof with rooflight windows and a dormer on the roof of the garage. With dark windows and a light brick face, the Jutland fibre cement roof slates needed to be able to complement both shades.

Local builders merchant, James Burrell supplied Durham-based roofing contractor, Wilkinson Roofing with approximately 3,000 600x300mm Cembrit Jutland fibre cement slates. Specified due to the attractive appearance and proven performance, the graphite colour slates were installed on the roof of the house and garage.

“The complex roof layout presented us with a challenge in terms of installation,” says Carl Wilkinson, Roofing Contractor at Wilkinson Roofing. “We specified Cembrit Jutland slates after receiving a recommendation from the builders’ merchant, and we are thrilled that we followed their advice, as the slates have provided a stunning end result.”

Jutland slates feature a smooth surface and are pre-holed, square edged and lightweight. They do not need to be graded and sorted like natural slates. These qualities combine to make them easy to handle and install and an ideal solution for a fast-track construction environment. Jutland slates are available in Graphite, Blue/Black, Russet and Autumn Brown colours.

Jutland slates are manufactured to the highest European standards using Portland cement together with a formulation of superior blended synthetic and cellulose fibres. Cembrit fibre cement slates are finished with a high quality, semi-matt acrylic coloured coating to the face and edges and a tinted, high-performance binder to the back face. The slates are manufactured in accordance with a quality assurance system to ISO 9001 and to the requirements of BS EN 492: 2004 product specification for fibre cement slates and their fittings. Jutland slates have been awarded the BBA Certificate No. 03/4041.

Cembrit A/A+- rated fibre cement slates can contribute to achieving an environmentally outstanding building. The five variations (Jutland, Zeeland, Westerland, Moorland and Diamond) allow designers to achieve the highest ratings for roof specifications and are currently the only fibre cement slate certificated.

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