An external wall insulation system is a thermally insulated, protective, decorative cladding procedure involving the use of an insulating material and a render finish. The most common insulating material is polystyrene, others such as mineral wool, polyurethane foam of phenolic foam may be used. The render finish usually consists of a reinforced base coat followed by a decorative mineral or synthetic finish.

The K Rend Silicone Thin Coat range is particularly suitable where lightweight render systems are required, such as an external wall insulation system (illustrated right).

K Rend Silicone Thin Coat products are available in an extensive colour range using the NCS System which helps customers visualise special colours for their project. NCS – Natural Colour System is a logical colour notation system which builds on how humans see colour.

K Rend Silicone TC 15 render holds the prestigious BBA certification, assuring you that vital product safety and performance requirements are met.

Benefits of Using External Wall Insulation:

  • Reduces heating bills by reducing heat loss through walls
  • Thermal efficiency of walls can be increased by up to 85%
  • Help to save the environment by reducing carbon emissions (as you burn less fossil fuel)
  • Reduce condensation (EWI raises temperature of internal walls)
  • Prevent damp & mould: EWI seals buildings from the elements
  • Improve acoustics: hi-density insulation reduces sound transfer
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