Shackerley has supplied over 900m2 of SureClad® ceramic granite ventilated façade cladding in different styles for Consett Academy and Consett Leisure Centre, adding premium quality external finishes for both parts of this £44 million regeneration project in the North East.

From the outset, the new academy and leisure centre were to be constructed as a single building with many shared facilities, but each part of the development was to have its own clear identity and sense of purpose. The specification of ceramic granite façade panels in different colourways and surface textures has helped to achieve this.

Seymour Harris, architects for the main contractor Carillion, had previous experience of using SureClad® in the education sector and had no hesitation in specifying Shackerley’s patented façade system when developing the detailed design for this scheme.

Multi-format polished and unpolished black façade panels from one of Shackerley’s most popular ceramic granite ranges have been installed ‘broken bonded’ to form a key design element of the main frontage of the Academy.

“Using premium black materials normally associated with the high end commercial sector underlines the message that the Academy is a place of work and that learning leads towards a bigger world,“ commented Seymour Harris Director, Tim Johnson. “The Academy also has a technology specialism and the use of an advanced technical cladding system seems appropriate as it serves to emphasise the focus of the school.”

The adjoining Leisure Centre has been clad with SureClad® ceramic granite façades in a lighter stone colourway, contrasting starkly with black detailing at the main entrance. “The cladding material has given the Leisure Centre the civic quality required, and maintained design continuity with the Academy, whilst the less imposing, brighter colour has given the facility its own fresh identity,” said Tim.

“The SureClad® system gave us the design flexibility we needed,” he added,” It allowed us to manipulate the coursing on the façade to employ both matt and polished layers of different heights and to interface effectively with entrance features and glazing elements. The ease of forming the junctions with other materials was an added bonus.”

He concluded: “The SureClad® ceramic granite just gave us everything we were looking for… excellent clean lines, stunning appearance of quality, robustness with long term low maintenance. The choice available also meant that we were able to reflect very effectively the natural local materials of stone buildings, slate roofs, and strata and outcrops of the surrounding landscape in our designs, whilst maintaining the civic quality demanded and continuity of detailing”.

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Shackerley has demonstrated the extraordinary design potential and versatility of its Sureclad® ventilated cladding systems by supplying innovative engineered stone façades for a challenging installation at Kew Bridge West, an exclusive development of 336 luxury apartments in North London.

2400m² of fully prefabricated Sureclad® engineered stone cladding in a natural limestone colourway and honed finish has provided a premium quality aesthetic for the lower storeys of the nine apartment buildings in this stunning complex, designed by Stockwool and developed by St James, part of the Berkeley Group.

Two circular towers called for smooth rounded façades and Shackerley’s Sureclad® Hang On system had to be customised to cater for large format curved panels, cut to a radius from solid blocks of engineered stone. Additional challenges included the design of elegantly faceted façades to clad curved elevations of adjacent buildings, designed to reflect the development’s ‘horseshoe’ design.

Shackerley and specialist façade installation contractor Stanmore worked very closely together, developing bespoke solutions at every stage, from the design of the Sureclad® façades to the palletisation of the prefabricated system. Stanmore’s installers also visited Shackerley to receive expert training in the use of the Sureclad® system.

As this was the first time that curved engineered stone panels had been used in conjunction with Sureclad®, the companies arranged for the bespoke facade system to be tested to NHBC criteria at VINCI Technology Centre UK.

Stanmore Commercial Director Peter Baker said: “We were responsible for delivering all the external façades, curtain walling, doors, windows and other external finishes on this project but the engineered stone cladding was by far the most highly valued element of the job. Close collaboration with our supplier was absolutely crucial. By planning and modelling the installation in detail and working hand in hand with Shackerley’s technical team, we achieved superb results for our client. The overall experience was very positive and we’re looking forward to working on other Sureclad® projects in the future.”

Construction Director at St James, Brian Paterson, commented: “It was only when we came to value engineer the Kew Bridge West project that Shackerley’s system was brought to our attention. As a result of switching the engineered stone specification to Sureclad®, we’ve undoubtedly benefitted from a more flexible and lighter façade solution than originally planned and from very substantial cost savings, whilst still achieving our architects’ original design intention. We’re delighted with the results”

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