Building on the success of its bestselling Mini Vault range, leading supplier of physical security products Securikey has launched the Mini Vault Generation 5. All safes in the new range are EN14450 S2 approved and listed in the AiS Safe Book to offer you maximum security.

As with all Securikey safes, each model is either fitted with a robust key-lock as standard with the option of a manual or electronic digital lock to cater for individual requirements. Securikey’s ‘Safe Logic‘ lock is a high quality option which has been designed based on user feedback from the previous bestselling Mini Vault range.

Most importantly, users can now register their safes against a unique identity number with Securikey. In case a user forgets or misplaces their six digit code, Securikey will use the identity number to provide a unique code to override the lock on the safe, therefore gaining entry at times of emergency. This feature adds an extra layer of functionality that is unique to the Mini Vault Generation 5.

The Mini Vault Silver and Mini Vault Gold Fire Resistant Generation 5 have an 8mm anti-bludgeon door that prevents attack by prying and brute force and is laser cut to fit flush to the sides of the safe. The entire range has been approved as a quality security product by Secured by Design, a group of national police projects which acknowledge products on the principles of designing out crime.

Furthermore, the Mini Vault Gold Generation 5 range offers the additional benefit of double walled construction using a fire resistant barrier material to meet standard DIN 410, and gives the Gold range a light fire rating

In order to ensure ease of installation within suitable items of furniture, such as wardrobes, fixing options are available on the base and rear of each safe, and high quality fixings are supplied.

Both variations in the Mini Vault Generation 5 range, the Mini Vault Silver and the Mini Vault Gold Fire Resistant have a high quality paint finish to RAL 7001 and now also offer branded livery for easy identification. As quality reassurance, the safes display the complete list of accreditations that each safe in the range fulfils, and a Sold Secure approved blue badge is fixed inside each safe.

The Mini Vault range Generation 5 forms part of the comprehensive range of Securikey products encompassing cash safes, fire safes, key control systems, padlocks, personal security items, convex mirrors and digital door locks.

For more information, please contact Securikey on 01252 311888, email or go to

Cartrefi Conwy, a Registered Social Landlord (RSL) in Conwy, North Wales has announced its decision to fit Aico’s mains powered Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm, Ei2110e as standard across its entire housing stock.

Having achieved the Welsh Housing Quality Standard, Cartrefi Conwy is one of North Wales’ foremost providers of affordable, high quality homes. It places the safety of its tenants at the highest priority and has a commendable 100% coverage of mains powered alarms across its 3,800 properties. A long standing Aico customer of over ten years, Cartrefi Conwy had been using Aico Ei160RC alarms, but has upgraded the specification to the premium Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm, Ei2110e.

The Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm, Ei2110e contains two sensor types, optical and heat, to constantly monitor smoke and heat levels, sending and receiving information via its intelligent detection software. This sensor information alters the alarm’s sensitivity and trigger points, automatically providing the best response to all fire types and reduces potential false alarms.

This was a key factor for Cartrefi Conwy as Property Services Manager Wayne Bannister explains: “Due to the combination of smoke and heat working in tandem we expect there to be fewer false alarms. They also offer reassurance to our tenants that they have a device that is cutting edge technology that will keep them safer in their homes.”

Cartrefi Conwy will be installing the Ei2110e to a minimum category of LD3, which requires alarms in all circulation spaces that form part of the escape routes from the premises. For its sheltered flats, it will increase the coverage to category LD2 which sees the addition of alarms in all rooms that present a high risk of fire to occupants. The alarms will be fitted during planned installation programmes and also reactively as required. In addition, they will be fitted as standard in Cartrefi Conwy’s new build development programme.

A feature rich device, the Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm, Ei2110e comes with sophisticated data extraction technology in the form of AudioLINK for single alarm data and RadioLINK+ for whole system data. “AudioLINK is definitely a technology we will be utilising especially where we have an incident” comments Wayne. AudioLINK enables real time data to be extracted from each alarm using its sounder directly to a smartphone or tablet via a free App to create an Alarm Status Report. The Report displays useful information about the alarm, such as battery life, alarm sensors status, number of times tested and removed; and any alarm activations, with details of when it occurred – all in a simple easy to read format.

RadioLINK+ technology will also be used to wirelessly interconnect Aico’s Ei450 Alarm Controller in all sheltered housing schemes and in properties where Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms are present; and the Ei414 Fire/CO Alarm Interface which is installed in properties that are covered by a warden call scheme and have different detection types i.e. smoke, heats CO.

“Cartrefi Conwy use RadioLINK extensively and find it to be a huge cost benefit to us with reducing wiring costs” states Wayne. “The tenants have less or no decoration and the installation process is far less intrusive.”

Wayne is appreciative not only of the technology and sophisticated features of Aico’s alarms and accessories, but also of the customer service: “The service is excellent. Steve Trafford [Aico Regional Specification Manager] is always available to advise and calls in regularly providing me with updates. I’ve always been impressed with the customer focus of Aico and the user-friendliness of their products. I have made a point of standardising Cartrefi Conwy’s domestic fire detection to be solely Aico”.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Ei Electronics, Aico is the market leader in residential fire and CO protection in the UK. All alarms are designed and built in Ireland specifically to meet the UK standards and regulations. With more mains powered domestic smoke alarms installed in the UK’s social housing than any other manufacturer, Aico is tried, tested and trusted.

For more information please go to or contact Aico on 01691 664100 or

Hurst Plastics has toasted to its best year ever for composite fire doors. The Kingston-upon-Hull based firm has ramped up production of composite fire doors by 41% and significantly increased its share of the commercial sector.

Howard Wilson, Hurst Plastics’ Composite Manager, explains: “2016 was a tremendous year for our composite fire door, particularly the first half of the year when we secured some very sizeable commercial contracts. During the year, we made a number of investments into new plant and machinery. This helped us to boost our production capabilities so that we could satisfy the increased demand for fire doors.

“We’re proud of this performance which is underlined by our commitment to best practice. We work closely with specifiers to guide them through their specification and help them to choose the most appropriate products for individual applications.”

The range of Hurst composite fire doors includes FD30, FD30S and FDSBD. Each door has been audited and certified by Warrington Exova BM Trada – an independent third party which assures the quality, performance and traceability of every component of the fire door.

The fire door range has been fire and smoke tested for up to 30 minutes by Warrington Exova and each door conforms to BS476: Part 22: 1987. An FD60 door is also available for more demanding applications.

The doors guarantee the highest levels of security and satisfy the requirements of the Q-Mark enhanced security scheme. The doors also comply with PAS023/PAS024 security accreditation and the requirements of Secured by Design.

The 44mm thick Hurst composite fire door leaf consists of a robust, high performance core, which incorporates fire retardant phenolic foam and a high-density hardwood perimeter to provide a full half hour fire rating. The core is faced in a GRP colour finished skin, which is outwardly indistinguishable from Hurst’s standard composite doors.

All Hurst fire doors are supplied with controlled door closers to meet BS EN 1154.

To sustain further growth in 2017, Hurst has invested in additional new machinery to increase production rates of all doors. This includes an automated door wrapping machine, which will reduce packing time of composite doors by 60%.

For more information please visit

Window security is a key design requirement with all market leading systems tested to the PAS 24 standard to meet the demands of the Secure By Design (SBD) initiative and Building Regulations Approved Document Q (ADQ).

Automated windows that are utilised for ventilation strategies will also need to comply to the standard, which requires the actuators to resist 3000N of negative force when the window is closed. This is becoming commonplace in applications such as school refurbishment where façade automation remains a popular and cost effective solution of providing improved ventilation performance over manually operated windows.

The SECO N 24 25 twin actuator from SE Controls has successfully passed the PAS 24 test and in addition to presenting physical resistance to intruders, it also provides a signal to the controller, should the window fail to close fully, to maintain the integrity of the security system, as requested by the SBD schools standard. Two locking points in one neat enclosure with programmable gasket relief optimise weather performance and security to meet BS 6375 parts 1,2 and 3 in addition to the PAS 24 test.

Bespoke fixing brackets and reinforcement to the window is often required to provide sufficient strength for the fixing, which is usually the weakest point of resistance, as the actuator provides 2 x 4000N of resistance to forced opening.

The ability to manufacture bespoke body lengths allows SE Controls to locate the locking points on different size windows exactly as tested, relative to the corners, to maintain consistency of performance and compliance. Test conducted with an actuator located at the centre of a vent will either not pass the test or can only be utilised for different widths.

Martin Oates

Similar to EN12101-2, the fabrication and installation solution requires a process that is audited by an independent notified body and must be re-tested annually.

If you have requirements for SBD or ADQ certified automated windows, please contact the SE Controls team or visit

Written by Martin Oates – Commercial Director with SE Controls

STANLEY Security is pleased to announce it is a Customer Care Initiative of the Year finalist in the prestigious Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2016 for its Customer Excellence Initiative.

Now in their eighteenth year, the Security & Fire Excellence Awards have consistently broken new ground in highlighting the very best people, projects and processes that the security and fire sectors have to offer. A high number of quality entries were received this year –17% up from last year – making finalist status an even greater achievement than ever.

As part of the Customer Care Initiative award entry, STANLEY Security explained its Customer Experience Team strategy for delivering customer service excellence. This strategy is based around bespoke management, whereby customers receive a dedicated Customer Management Executive to support their needs alongside their Account Manager; a robust CRM system to aid management of all aspects of the customer relationship; and a Customer Management Team which centralises the customer contact point to a single dedicated team. This approach helps differentiates STANLEY Security’s customer experience and has proven to be highly regarded by customers, which is reflected in a consistent fall in customer attrition over the last three years consecutively.

Concise, achievable KPIs have been established across all five STANLEY Security customer touchpoints: account management, installation, service, monitoring and billing. These address all call centre customer interactions, complaint handling by the Customer Management Team and retention tracking to both measure the percentage of Win Backs of contracts expiring and analyse all reason codes to highlight where process or system improvements are required. The KPIs are regularly measured and monitored and lead to genuine, actionable activities to further feed in to the customer experience programme.

Continuous improvement is a key factor in the success of STANLEY Security’s customer service strategy. STANLEY Security staff receive ongoing training to enhance customer experience, including weekly call coaching at the National Call Centre. Furthermore, the company is establishing a Customer Journey which ‘hugs’ the customer from initial contract through to re-signing or termination of contract. Going forward this process will provide a Net Promoter Score (NPS) – a management tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of customer relationships. Customers are then engaged in a discussion about the feedback they provided through the NPS survey process, with in-house results used in continuous improvement workshops to feed back to the business.

“We are delighted to have achieved finalist status at the Security & Fire Excellence Awards this year” states Ray Parfitt, Head of Business Excellence at STANLEY. “STANLEY Security considers a positive, unique customer experience is vital to clearly differentiate ourselves in a crowded market. We have invested considerably in achieving this and have a clear and concise roadmap for reaching customer service excellence in 2018; we are certainly well on our way to achieving that. Becoming a finalist for the Customer Excellence Award is a great recognition of all the work put in by our team.” Leanne Taylor, Head of Customer Services also added that “The Customer Experience is so much more than a paper exercise, you really have to have passion and belief. I am lucky enough to have a strong, creative and passionate team that is committed to providing a unique experience to all our customers. The National Call Centre and Customer Management Team have fully embraced the Customer Excellence Initiative taking pride in all they do internally and externally by remembering the key sentence ‘always put the customer first’.’’

Winners of the Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2016 will be announced on 23rd November at the evening ceremony held at LONDON HILTON ON PARK LANE.

For more information on STANLEY Security, please go to

Most of the oldest buildings in the country, those that we have all admired and enjoyed – from castles and palaces, to places of learning, prayer, contemplation and recovery – have magnificent doors made from timber. Today these national treasures, protected and cosseted with the help of private trusts, public ownership and a stream of funding to support regular maintenance, look every bit as imposing as they did when they were crafted.

This cannot be said of the cheap imports, mainly from the Far East, that were much needed to support the explosion of property ownership in the 1960s through to recent times. For those who did, and can still, purchase their local authority house at a fine discount, ownership encouraged investment in new doors and windows. The market research carried out by the British woodworking industry in the late 1970s, when Taiwanese imports were at their highest level, identified that UK home owners typically paid an average of £50 for a new front door, a stark difference to their West German counterparts who would pay in the region of £3000.

“This prompted an industry-funded campaign aimed at the private home owner to invest in a new timber entrance door, made in the UK, named: What a Difference a Door Makes,” says Roy Wakeman, CEO, The Performance Timber Products Group. “The campaign was hugely successful and while it didn’t see off all the cheap imports the consumer became educated about the benefits of a home-produced timber door and willing to spend more. By the mid ‘80s the market peaked at 3m units and had a value of £400m.”

Inevitably the bubble burst, brought about by the plastic revolution and campaigns selling the virtues of double glazed fenestration with low pricing and so called ‘authentic, classic design’. By 2000 the timber market share was lost in windows alone, by some 80%, in favour of plastic. Timber doors however retained a higher share as the consumer was attracted to the greater security of timber and its performance.

More recently the industry has seen the rise of composite door constructions where modern materials have been used to make up the door core; this has then been covered with an external finish of thermal plastic; glass-reinforced plastic, GRP; and even wood fibre-based boards. These products have performed and today account for more than half of the UK market, now measured at £600m with growth of more than 5% per annum.

Security and robustness has been achieved by the strength of the door core together with good ironmongery. Today this will contain espagnolette systems that can lock all three leading edges using shoot bolts, or hooks, with a central controlling arm handle.

A national standard for security has existed, along with test methodology to BS7950, which values security, thermal performance and weather resistance to regional degrees of exposure. A police-recommended standard and marketing tool for the private housebuilding sector, Secured by Design, has prevailed for more than 30 years and is frequently a standard requested by designers, architects and developers responsible for new developments.

Only last year the new Approved Document Q Building Regulations was introduced for the new-build sector which demands even greater security standards for doors and windows. The security standard demanded by Building Regulations, to which products are tested, is known as PAS24 but prior to this all products must be tested and rated for weather and air tightness to meet BS6375 (Parts 1 & 2).

“While the requirement to meet Doc Q applies to new buildings only, existing home owners will want these security benefits applied to replacement products for the upkeep and maintenance of their properties as well as for major refurbishments and extensions,” says Roy Wakeman. “Current research suggests that the major driving force for home owners when purchasing new doors and windows is security and energy conservation.

“It comes as no surprise that the timber door, complete with all the appropriate ironmongery, factory assembled and finished, is now leading the way again to dominate the choice for new door designs and mechanics that more than satisfy today’s demanding standards.” Products manufactured by Mumford & Wood entirely in Great Britain all meet the very highest standards demanded today.

Timber is the most versatile of all materials and can be easily finished with modern water-based paints or stains, chosen from a huge range of colours and shades. These modern finishes now come with life time warranties for the complete door set, with maintenance cycles at a very minimum, and the paint itself is expected to last up to eight years before re-decoration is needed.

Composite door cores, using urea or phenolic forms, are not exactly the best products to satisfy today’s demanding consumer who knows all about active carcinogens and the toxicity of chemically-based products. For complete peace of mind it is far better to use a sustainable and naturally-replacing material, such as timber, to ensure that our children’s children grow up in a safe, sound and comfortable environment behind modern timber windows and doors.

Modern timber engineering techniques and water-based, friendly finishing treatments, do make timber the material with the very greenest credentials.

More product information is available at where the new product brochure, Aftercare Manual and detailed CAD drawings, NBSPlus and NBS BIM files can be downloaded.
Please also visit for detailed product specifications. The company is a registered supplier on Constructionline Alternatively call the Mumford & Wood sales team on 01621 818155.
Follow us on Twitter @mumfordwood or for the latest company news and updates.

Market leaders in key safes, The Key Safe Company has launched its new website with a brand new look, additional features and improved user navigation.

The updated website provides comprehensive information on the company’s products including the leading Supra C500 Keysafe™ and the brand new One Touch Personal Alarm monitoring system.

The new website is easier to navigate thanks to a sector-based structure, which provides the relevant information to customers in community care, residential, business, rental or automotive markets. It also features an informative FAQ and technical support section, allowing customers to access advice and tips on all of its products.

The responsive new design makes the website easy to use on all devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones, and is optimised for the visually impaired for improved accessibility.

David Ogden, Managing Director of The Key Safe Company, commented: “We are thrilled to launch our updated website. We understand the importance of having advice and support materials readily available for our customers and end-users in all markets.

“Our products are support systems to not only care professionals, but often older and vulnerable householders, providing peace of mind to allow people to continue to live independently. Therefore having a website which is easy to navigate and use was really important to the business.”

Trusted by over 2 million UK householders, their products are ideal for anyone who needs to grant immediate, authorised access to a property. The Supra C500 key safe is supplied to the majority of local authorities and is the UK’s only police approved mechanical key safe tested to the same security standard as an external door.

The new One Touch monitoring system uses GPS technology to allow the user to travel far outside their home and provides an alert to selected contacts, in the event of an emergency.

David added: “With the launch of our vibrant new website and the revolutionary One Touch, we are set to have another strong year in 2017.”

For more information, advice or support on any of the products available from The Key Safe Company, please visit:

Even the smallest buildings can be of critical importance to their users, especially in relatively isolated communities. The performance and reliability of Advanced’s MxPro fire alarm panels has seen them installed in another remote coastal location, the Atlantic Islands Centre on Luing, off the west coast of Scotland.

Situated south of Oban in the Firth of Lorne, the largely unspoilt 5.5 square mile Isle of Luing is one of the Slate Islands. The Atlantic Visitor Centre, in the village of Cullipool, is set to revitalise the island’s economy, raising awareness of Luing as a tourist destination and offering a range of outdoor activities. The Centre will also provide a community hub for the island’s 200 residents, providing workshops and office space. It also has the capability to be used as an emergency refuge.

The contract for the installation was awarded to the team at Adam Fire, who specified the latest MxPro 5 panels from Advanced. MxPro 5 is the leading multiprotocol fire panel range, renowned for its world-beating quality, reliability and flexibility.

Graeme Bruce, spokesperson for Adam Fire, commented: “We had already installed MxPro panels in Iona Abbey, one of the oldest and most important religious centres in Western Europe and they were an obvious choice for this new development on Luing. In remote locations quality and reliability are paramount, which is why we felt that the reliability and longevity of the MxPro panels were crucial attributes when specifying this system.”

The centre is now being protected by the latest MxPro5 single loop panel from Advanced, offering high performance fire detection and alarm control across the entire site. MxPro 5 panels can be used in single loop, single panel format or easily configured into high speed, 200-panel networks covering huge areas. Advanced’s legendary ease of installation and configuration and wide peripheral range make it customisable to almost any application.

Neil Parkin, Advanced’s sales manager for Scotland, said: “Advanced fire systems are renowned for their quality and ease-of-use, which makes them ideal for a project such as this. Our panels do not only protect large buildings and networks but also small building such as the Visitor Centre which is an important part of the island community. With Luing being in such a remote location it is even more important to offer the reassurance of a high quality system and our MxPro panels offer all the key attributes required for this type of installation.

MxPro is Advanced’s flagship range of multiprotocol panels, offers customers a choice of two panel ranges, four detector protocols and a completely open installer network that enjoys free training and support.

Advanced’s MxPro fire systems support the TouchControl touchscreen repeater and AlarmCalm complete false alarm management system. TouchControl is a 10″ HD touchscreen that offers dynamic reporting and control via a unique interface that includes Active Maps and zone plans. AlarmCalm uses Advanced’s fast hardware, updated config software and optional loop verification devices to deliver a system that allows the false alarm strategy for any building to be quickly and easily programmed and managed, increasing safety and reducing false alarms.

Advanced is a world leader in the development and manufacture of intelligent fire systems. The legendary performance, quality and ease-of-use of its products sees them used in prestigious and challenging locations all over the world, from single panel installations to large multi-site networks. Advanced products include complete fire detection systems, multi-protocol fire panels, extinguishing control and fire paging systems.

More details can be found on the website at

Berwickshire Housing Association (BHA) has announced its decision to install sophisticated Aico Smoke and Heat Alarm system solutions to reduce call outs, provide tenants with more control, enable alarm data extraction and connect with external telecare systems.

BHA has 1800 homes in Berwickshire and Berwick-upon-Tweed, from single’s flats and family homes to bungalows adapted for disabled people and sheltered housing for older people. Aico’s new mains powered Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm, Ei2110e, will be installed throughout all of these properties over the coming years.

David Gray, Assistant Technical Services Manager at BHA, explains the organisation’s decision to fit the new Aico Multi-Sensors throughout these properties: “BHA have decided to install Multi Sensor alarms as part of our ongoing works and specification. Due to the dual sensors communicating with each other, BHA foresees a reduction in call outs to electricians for alarms sounding when no fire is present.”

The Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm contains two sensor types, optical and heat, to constantly monitor smoke and heat levels, sending and receiving information via its intelligent detection software. This sensor information alters the alarm’s sensitivity and trigger points, automatically providing the best response to all fire types and reduces potential false alarms.

This alarm comes with a host of sophisticated features, including data extraction technology AudioLINK. AudioLINK is an award winningtechnology that enables real time data to be extracted from each alarm using its sounder directly to a smartphone or tablet via an App to create an Alarm Status Report. The Report displays useful information about the alarm, such as battery life, alarm sensors status, number of times tested and removed; and any alarm activation, with details of when it occurred – all in a simple format. AudioLINK is installed in all Ei2110e models as standard.

In addition, Ei2110e alarms also have RadioLINK+ capability. RadioLINK+ goes a step further, enabling whole system data to be extracted, such as the number and location of alarms and Radio Frequency (RF) signal strength between alarms, which can be accessed securely from within or even outside a property if access is an issue. This alarm system technology can also help with maintenance of asset management records as details are recorded for each individual alarm system. RadioLINK+ is also used to interconnect alarms on the system without the need to hard wire them together. It comes as a plug in module, which has the added benefit of negating the need for a separate RadioLINK base.

BHA is keen to make the most of this cutting edge technology, as David states: “BHA intends using the AudioLINK App as well as developing the use of the RadioLINK+ functionality to eventually integrate with our systems here. This will also ensure our staff utilise all our electronic mobile working solutions.”

In addition to the Multi-Sensors, BHA will be installing Ei450 Alarm Controllers to allow tenants to test and silence alarms on the system, plus locate the trigger alarm, all from a safe, accessible location.

Aico’s Fire/CO Alarm Interface, Ei414, will also be installed. “Our intention is to link these systems to any Telecare or adaptation equipment within the property as well as the Fire Detection systems” states David. “We are currently working with Aico on our Sheltered Housing complexes to install these systems.”

The installation work has already begun, starting in BHA’s empty properties, with the aim of bringing them up to the more stringent LD2 category of fire protection. To meet this, Multi-Sensors will be installed in the main living area and will be replacing Optical and Ionisation alarms on exit routes. This will be rolled out to all BHA’s housing stock over time.

“BHA look to future proof our fire detection equipment and liaise closely with Aico on new products available,” comments David. “The service from Aico has been first class and gives BHA the confidence going forward that our properties have market leading products installed. This ensures our customers are safe in their homes.”

A wholly owned subsidiary of Ei Electronics, Aico are market leaders in residential fire and CO protection in the UK. All alarms are designed and built in Ireland specifically to meet the UK standards and regulations.

With more mains powered domestic smoke alarms installed in the UK’s social housing than any other manufacturer, Aico is tried, tested and trusted.

For more information please go to or contact Aico on 01691 664100 or

Exova BM TRADA offers free training on the importance of fire protection measures.

Expert industry training provider, Exova BM TRADA, will be holding its next free ‘Fire Protection Measures – understanding your responsibilities’ training on 12 July at Sheffield Hallam University.

This popular event includes a number of short seminars over a half day which will provide participants with critical guidance on how to fulfil their obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO).

Under the legislation, the ‘Responsible Person’, which can include the building’s owner, the employer where they have control over the building or if not the employer, the person who has control of the premises, have a legal requirement to comply with RRFSO. This course covers why the RRFSO matters and what it means in practice for the responsible person. It also covers the importance of the risk assessment and of having a competent fire risk assessor, the role of third party certification and of the enforcing officer; and the legal obligations of the fire risk assessor.

The course will run on 12 July at Sheffield Hallam University, with breakfast provided.

The panel of experts providing the training are from senior roles across the fire safety profession, all with first-hand knowledge and experience of fire protection measures:

  • Simon Bailey is a senior fire protection consultant with extensive experience in assessment, testing and site surveys
  • Niall Rowan is the Association for Specialist Fire Protection’s technical officer and has over 30 years’ experience
  • Steve Skarratt heads the Fire Service College’s protection and prevention training
  • Carl May-Smith is a barrister with in-depth legal experience on the RRFSO, having advised fire authorities and other public bodies on the order
  • The Chief Fire Officers Association will also have one of its enforcement team leaders present, completing the panel of experts.

Exova BM TRADA runs additional courses throughout the year which can be offered in-house or within a client’s premises. Exova BM TRADA also provides management systems courses and general management training.

For more information on these and other courses, or to book a place, go to: or contact 01494 569 750 or

Download the full Fire Protection Measures programme here: