EJOT UK has a developed a new application-specific fastener as an addition to its highly successful EJOfast range. The new EJOT® Seamclip fastener utilises the unique EJOFAST pierce point tip and thread geometry to create a fast and efficient method of fixing stainless steel support clips for fully supported standing seam roof systems. Originally designed for installation into thin steel composite skins, trials completed during the testing and development phase also revealed that the new fastener performs exceptionally well into timber and OSB substrates, yielding maximised pull-out performance from the timber and steel substrates.

EJOfast Seamclip’s official EJOT product code is the JF3 STX2 4.8 x 25. Available in a standard 25mm length, the buttress thread has been combined with a low profile countersunk head with Torx® recess for a positively controlled installation. The new fastener is manufactured in A2 stainless steel for corrosion resistance and to provide compatibility with the clip and standing seam material. Like all products in the EJOfast range, minimal swarf is created resulting in a fast, clean and strong installation process.
The EJOfast portfolio already includes hex-head stainless, dome headed Super-SAPHIR and integral nylon headed Colorfast options. In addition to the new Seamclip fastener, EJOT is also manufacturing a carbon steel EJOfast stitcher as a further extension to the range.
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