Makita UK, the UK’s number one professional power tool manufacturer and innovator of technical, high performance health and safety solutions, offer an extensive range of Cold Cut saws. Used extensively in the construction industry these innovative products are contributing substantially to increased site efficiency and safety, helping to minimise site injuries which in recent years has shown a national increase.

When heat is generated from a metal cutting saw, or angle grinder through the use of an abrasive wheel, the operator legally requires a GC07 Hot-Work permit in order to operate the machine. This permit is required for any operation involving flames or when heat or sparks are generated from works such as brazing, torch cutting, grinding, soldering and welding. Using abrasive wheels to cut metal results in the generation of sparks and heat which together creates a natural hazard.

Makita has worked with experts and consultants within the mechanical and electrical systems sector to fully understand these issues encouraging close working relationships with contractors and end users. This knowledge has assisted Makita’s R&D teams in the development of a steel Cold Cut range of products which address the issue of heat and sparks generated within the working environment. In most cases the use of these tools will overcome the requirement of a GC07 Hot-Work permit as well as the necessity for cutting materials in controlled areas allowing processes to be undertaken in situ and increasing on-site productivity.

The Makita range of Cold Cut saws extends from mains to battery powered tools and includes the Makita LC1230 (305mm) mains TCT Cut-Off Saw; the DCS551ZJ (150mm) TCT and the DCS550 (136mm) TCT 18V LXT Brushless Lithium-Ion cordless metal saws. Together these products have set a benchmark in Cold Cut processes and are being extensively specified by many large contractors.

Makita’s focus on this important sector has seen the introduction of over 20 products to the portfolio, all of which address the cutting and processing of metal in a far safer way when compared to the conventional abrasive wheel. Whether cutting rebar, threaded bar and rods, pipes or metal sheet, Makita’s Cold Cut range is recognised as a market leader in this specialist sector.

“Contractors today have many health and safety issues to consider not least of which is vibration which is addressed with our Anti Vibration Technology and the Super Joint System, and of course, dust. But there is a specific focus on sparks and heat and Makita has the equipment and market leading technologies and accessories to address all of these important concerns. Our machines have some of the lowest vibration levels on the market, which is recognised by the hire industry, and we have an extensive range of dust management systems that meet international standards. Additionally, our ever increasing range of cordless machines are helping to overcome the hazard of trailing leads,” comments Charles Shaw, Hire and Construction Division Manager, Makita UK, who represents the business on a number of British and European technology assessment committees.

The convenience of using Makita Cold Cut machines means that operators can move and work more freely around the site, rather than from a static location, affording greater convenience and fewer restrictions. This is making a great difference to speed and efficiency on site and contributes to sheer workability. “Large contractors on huge projects with challenging deadlines are reaping the benefits and making the investment in Makita’s Cold Cutting professional power tools,” continues Shaw.

Makita’s extensive range also includes two cordless rebar cutters DSC162Z (16mm) and the DSC191Z (20mm) enabling users to effectively and efficiently slice through reinforcing bars. The recently introduced DTR180ZK rebar tying tool compliments these products, offering fast and efficient application of rebar tying wire and eliminates manual action. These tools are proving to be economical and time saving, while achieving maximum consistency of application, extended runtime and increased power.

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