As a professional in in-plant manufacturing or the construction market you want to work with the best tools available. Senco is the brand for you. As one of the best known brands in the world of fastening technology Senco produces a wide range of pneumatic, electric, gas, cordless pneumatic and battery powered tools that matches your needs.

Senco’s DuraSpin collated screw system and the cordless Fusion tools can offer you unique technological advantages and together with Senco pneumatic tools you can use them in an extensive range of construction and in-plant manufacturing industries such as the furniture, bedding, caravans & holiday homes, timber & steel frame buildings, pallets, packing cases and automotive.

You can use Senco fastening tools for every application. To make a clear difference between the performance of the tools Senco has divided them up into product lines including the following series:

When you work in the toughest industrial environment you need a tool with extreme quality. Senco tools in the XtremePro series are built with the highest quality and can be used for 24/7.
If you need a professional tool for lower volume applications that still provides a high level of performance and reliability the Senco ProSeries will provide the perfect solution for all your fastener application needs.

When you work in the pallet or packaging industry you need tools that are reliable and have low maintenance. Senco has designed tools specifically for this industry. The tools are perfectly balanced and very powerful, which enables long-term use.

When you need a stapler or nailer occasionally for professional use in a home or garden application, than a tool of the SemiPro series is just the tool for you. Senco quality for the low volume user.

When you have a high quality tool, you also want a high quality compressor. Senco offers a complete range of compressors for every application. The compressors fit especially well with Senco tools, but can be used everywhere.

Do you want a cordless nailer, but with pneumatic power? Senco nailers with Fusion Technology use compressed air that is permanently sealed in the tool’s self-contained, built-in cylinder to unleash a shot of pure portable pneumatic power every time you pull the trigger.

With the Senco DuraSpin collated screw fastening systems you can screw 50% faster than with manual screwing. The Senco DuraSpin tools are the best choice for your demanding drywall and wood fastening applications.

No matter where – or what – your next job is, if it demands collated nails, staples or screws that drive easily and completely, with fewer jams – and meet the construction industry’s performance codes – demand Senco fasteners.

Senco accessories such as air hoses, plugs and couplers etc offer you the perfect connection between tools and compressors.

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