The Talasey Group is delighted to have supplied a range of its Natural Paving products to a housing development in Essex, which is being built on the site of the former Tottenham Hotspur Football Club training ground.

The new development consists of 60 houses and is situated in a leafy area of Chigwell, surrounded by fields and trees and in close proximity to the River Roding. The Talasey Group has supplied approximately 2,990 metres of its Natural Paving’s Promenade Classicstone Sandstone, which has been installed across all of the homes.

The developer, Anderson Group, has built both a school and the homes that surround it. The ambition was to create a typical Essex village plan, using different house styles to create an attractive community. Therefore it was essential that the products used on the properties were versatile and would look good across the different types of dwellings.

Speaking about the project, Mark Thurston, Procurement Manager at Anderson Group commented: “One of the biggest challenges when working on a project of this scope is the need for products that are high quality but also cost-effective. These were the criteria that led us to choosing Natural Paving products, as the stone available was a perfect fit, with remarkable texture, colour and price. We’ve been very impressed with the company’s paving solutions and look set to use them again on another upcoming job.”

Looking for a stone that would complement the green spaces of the properties’ gardens, Anderson Group eventually settled on the Promenade Classic Sandstone, which has a cool colour palette. Whilst mostly grey in hue, the flagstone can weather over time to expose brown and buff tones. It forms part of Natural Paving’s popular Classicstone collection of CE Marked and ethically sourced products that can be used to create a warm and rustic look.

Anderson Group first decided on using the sandstone paving after liaising with local builders merchants, Sliverton Aggregrates Ltd. Anderson had asked the merchants to put forward a range of sandstone choices for the development’s outdoor environment but hadn’t specified any particular colour or style. After viewing a range of choices they settled for Natural Paving goods on grounds of the product’s colour and shade.

Speaking on his role in the project, Mark Buckle, Customer Sales at Silverton Aggregrates Ltd commented “We were approached by Anderson to put forward a sandstone option for this development. Natural Paving was the third company we presented to them and they were very impressed. In fact, Anderson has specified the goods on another development.”

“Over the duration of the project, I experienced no problems working with Natural Paving, part of the Talasey Group. When necessary, the company was helpful and responsive. Late on in the development, Anderson Group changed the specification from single size stones to larger packs. It was a challenging moment and we didn’t have much time to react. Thankfully, Shaun Utting of the Talasey Group was on hand to resolve the issue. “

The aforementioned Shaun Utting, who was in charge of helping Anderson Group deliver the project commented “This is a stand-out project in a notable location and something that we’re really proud to be a part of. As we operate a merchant only sales policy, Anderson Group purchased all their products through one of our merchant partners and it’s exciting to see our customer network having the opportunity to supply such a prestigious project.”

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Charcon, the commercial hard landscaping division of Aggregate Industries, has published its 2017 trade directory in a new, handy 49-page pocket-sized, spiral-bound format for complete ease of use.

The pocket guide is filled with all the technical information that customers would need to know about the Charcon range and serves as a valuable reference tool for architects, specifiers, contractors, sub-contractors and merchants alike.

It covers the complete breadth of Charcon’s commercial landscaping range and includes sections on natural stone, flag paving, block paving, kerbs and water surface solutions. Whilst each section is marked with a coloured divider, allowing the user to flip easily to the product category required, each page accommodates a sliding scale of product data, offering a quick reference to alternative products where required.

Easily recognisable symbols accompany each page to clearly highlight key product features, indicating for example whether a product is BIM-enabled, durable, sustainable, ethically traded, BES 6001 accredited, etc.

The directory is designed to work in conjunction with Charcon’s more in-depth 123-page A4 landscape commercial landscaping portfolio, cross-referencing to relevant pages which feature case studies and a wider selection of imagery which together showcase the products in application.

Mike Davies, Sector Manager for Charcon, comments “The Charcon product range provides all the necessary materials to furnish a hard landscaping scheme, from large public realm projects to educational and health facilities. It is therefore vital that we provide our customers and stockists with clear and concise product literature.

“We trust that our new pocket directory will guide customers to the best products for the application in question, as well as any complementary products, such as stepped units or bespoke items, that will enhance the project.”

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Charcon, the commercial hard landscaping division of Aggregate Industries, has enhanced its successful Infilta permeable block paving range by incorporating a new design element.

The new Infilta range now features nibs that end 13mm short of the face of the block. The result is a totally unique block paving solution that does not compromise interlocking performance and offers enhanced aesthetic appeal with the unsightly nibs being hidden from view when laid.

Not only is Infilta more appealing from a design perspective, it is a totally unique permeable paving solution that does not compromise on water drainage performance, enabling water to drain away through the gaps. Incredibly hardwearing, it offers excellent durability and grip which makes it perfectly equipped for all trafficked applications including car parks, retail areas and other heavy-use commercial locations such as HGV loading areas.

This new stylish offering is available in four different variations: Ecopave Textured, Andover Washed, Andover Textured and StoneMaster. Designers can also choose from a range of textures and colour options to complement their project, such as Grey Fleck, Pink Granite, Sandy Buff and Rustic.

Mike Davies, Category Manager for Charcon, comments: “Not only do the new straight edges provide a much cleaner and contemporary finish, they significantly enhance the design options available as architects and specifiers can now opt to have have Infilta laid alongside and in combination with a vast range of standard paving. Not only that, Infilta is part of our Life® range of products which makes it the ideal choice for sustainable specification.”

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Bannister Hall, one of Britain’s leading landscaping suppliers, has launched an innovative new natural stone paving product – a bespoke system that is set to revolutionise urban, street and commercial design by combining innovation and versatility with rapid, simple and cost-effective installation.

The PietraPave range, already used extensively on a huge range of commercial and domestic projects worldwide, boasts the beauty and resilience of natural stone paving while also reducing installation time by up to 80% due to its pre-assembled custom-made designs and revolutionary mat construction.

PietraPave offers a real and desirable alternative to other paving solutions. These include the system’s bespoke capabilities, enabling intricate designs to be completed, speed of installation and the quality and long-term performance of the materials.

Alan Lovell, Managing Director at Bannister Hall, said “We are delighted to finally bring PietraPave to the UK market. We’ve had many enquiries asking when this innovative product is going to be available, especially for use on large-scale paving projects where time and budgets are of the essence.

“That waiting is now at an end as PietraPave goes national. The quality is second to none, with the same palazzo styling we’ve come to expect from natural quality stone at up to a quarter of the installation time.”

The range currently includes granite and porphyry and is delivered in numbered sections, negating the need for costly specialist installers. Cobbles, paving and bespoke patterns such as fans, circles or geometric designs complete the look on each bespoke project, enabling commercial designers to plan ahead for a speedy installation.

This speed of installation means that PietraPave is incredibly cost-effective when compared to conventional block paving – in most cases a quarter of the cost per fully laid square metre ­– which is incredible value for clients and contractors. Each mat is simply laid onto a prepared screed and compacted down to levels. Grouting is equally fuss-free with the Nexus V75 resin-based compound which reduces cleaning in the short-term and maximises durability for customers in the long-term.

PietraPave has already been used at large urban public projects around the world including award-winning developments in Asia, the Middle East and the USA and for clients such as the Disney Corporation, Ocean Park Macau and The Qatar Government.

Prior to the national launch Bannister Hall has been testing the product with selected contractors in different parts of the UK on a wide range of different projects where it has passed every test for speed of installation, aesthetics and load capability.

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Updated and refreshed from top to bottom, Brett Landscaping, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high quality aggregate and paving products, have launched their Garden & Drives 2017 aimed at supporting merchants and contractors selling into the homeowner audience. The brochure provides comprehensive guide to the stylish and innovative products and services available from Brett next year.

Gardens & Drives 2017 has been designed to be of maximum benefit to consumers facing difficult decisions over their landscaping requirements. The brochure provides clear and concise information as well as high quality imagery to show the Brett product range with new clarity.

To help landscapers to decide on their preference of style for their projects, each product group in Gardens & Drives 2017 has been split into three colour-coded categories:

  • Contemporary paving: Made up of products that offer crisp clean lines and stylish surfaces to create a truly modern aesthetic for your home.
  • Traditional paving: Comprised of products that offer softer aged lines and riven surfaces designed to help recreate a more rustic appearance.
  • Value paving: Requiring great paving on a stricter budget? This paving range performs every bit as well as the rest of our products, with slightly less accessories available.

Gardens & Drives 2017 also contains “A day in the life of a Brett Approved Installer” section, which illustrates just what a great resource these approved installers can be for your next landscaping project if you don’t already have a contractor in mind.

As well as providing 5-Year Installation and 10-Year Product guarantees, “A day in the life of a Brett Approved Installer” uses high quality imagery and case studies to demonstrate the flexibility and excellent workmanship possible with from approved installers across the country.

The brochure, along with the Brett Trade Guide, will be available over the counter from builder’s merchants from the week commencing December 12th 2016, as well as on request online on

Brett Landscaping takes pride in the fact that it provides customers with a high quality service offering worthy of the products available from the brand, and with the new Gardens & Drives 2017 brochure, this will continue next year.

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