Unique Oxford Plastics product developed to comply with new regulations regarding wind speed.
Innovative UK manufacturer Oxford Plastics has launched a new ballast tray – designed as an anchor system for use with safety barriers at construction sites, roadworks and events – to help its customers and end users meet new health and safety regulations.
Easy to deploy, this unique Oxford Plastics product can be clipped to the barrier and filled with soil, excavated materials, kerb stone or fence feet to ensure stability in adverse weather conditions.
The ballast tray, which weighs 2.2kg, can enable the Oxford Plastics Avalon and Watchman barriers to withstand wind speeds of up to [INSERT], depending on the configuration in which they are used.
The new code of practice and BS 8442:2006 identifies three wind speeds and a calculation for the ballast required to use in these wind speeds. The Oxford Ballast Tray is embossed with the level of material required to meet regulations.
Peter Creighton, Business Development Director for Oxford Plastics Systems, says: “We are delighted to have launched our new ballast tray to comply with the new code of practice. This product is an excellent example of the way we are constantly innovating to help our clients and end users meet the demands of ever more stringent health and safety regulations.


“Designed to hold ever increasing weight, the Oxford Ballast Tray allows users to exceed wind speeds in the code of practice. This is an indispensible addition to our range of safety barriers and accessories to ensure the safety of pedestrians, road users and contractors at construction sites, roadworks and events.”
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