As Grange First School in Gosforth embarked upon a school extension project, ensuring good ventilation and air quality was an important element both for the comfort of the teachers and children and for their learning. The new classrooms for Early Years have now opened and the Vortice heat recovery systems installed have proved a great success.

Roy Brown, Area Sales Trade Manager for Vortice said “After considerable research, Newcastle City Council specified the Vort NRG 1500 ECR EH Diva heat recovery units for each of the new classrooms. These units are complete with CO2 demand control to ensure the correct amount of fresh air is delivered into the classroom dependent upon its requirement and occupancy levels. Stale extracted air is passed over a heat exchanger so that warmth is recovered and goes into the incoming fresh air, enabling good energy efficiency. “

The NRG units are all floor mounted as they are situated within resources store cupboards in the classroom, which have skylights to allow in natural daylight. This also means that the units are easily accessible to enable filter changes.

Roy Brown continues: “When you have around 32 occupants in a classroom all day, it is important for their health and wellbeing that the air is fresh. The Vort NRG range is ideally suited for schools and offices and with several configurations available there is sure to be one that suits your project.”

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Titon’s new auramode® is a simple and sophisticated LCD display for programming, commissioning and occupancy control for Titon’s high quality range of Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery units (MVHR).

The auramode® functions include straightforward speed control at the click of a button with three or four-speed options, alongside an auto-timed speed mode. The fourth speed (high flow) has been added to assist with purge flow ventilation requirements. Seven-day programming is also available, with a total of eight different settings per day, while an adjustable indicator notifies users when MVHR filters require changing.

Furthermore, the auramode® provides internal MVHR humidity set point adjustment, while a ‘boost inhibit’ function linked to time speeds helps avoid night-time boosting – either via switch inputs or humidity. Once the auramode® has been successfully programmed, end users can leave their MVHR systems running without the need for any additional controller adjustments.

Commenting on the control, Paul Cowell, Senior Technical Manager at Titon, said: “The auramode® provides end users with exceptional levels of control over their Titon MVHR units. The new control has a user-friendly interface, while its functionality ensures a ventilation system is operating efficiently, maintaining high levels of indoor air quality and comfort.”

The auramode® programmer is 86mm wide x 86mm high x 16mm deep and is supplied with a 14m connection cable and a one-year guarantee. The low voltage LCD display is back lit, with adjustable light and contrast settings. Plus, it is a multi-language controller, allowing it to be set in a choice of 12 languages, including German, Spanish and Russian.

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