WeatherFAST have been supplying a wide range of high performance Fatra PVC membrane steel in sheet or coil form for many years. By constantly innovating and designing quality products for use on commercial and industrial gutter systems, they have earned the reputation of being market leaders within this field and their business has flourished. Joe Bradbury caught up with WeatherFAST’s Managing Director, Orry White to discuss their new product, WeatherFOLD – which offers clients a smart and effective way of re-lining old, leaky valley/boundary wall gutters.

Q) Orry, can you tell us a little bit more about your new foldable system and how people who specify it in their build can expect to benefit?

Certainly! In all honesty, we believe our new folding gutter system is the best looking and performing product on the market. The simplicity and effectiveness of its design should really appeal to architects looking for valley/boundary gutter solutions. The gutters include 3 hinges and come in 3000mm lengths, with widths up to 1250 wide and come complete with a 75mm built-in flap that joins onto the next gutter via a single weld. Due to its unique design, we don’t actually need to know the exact degree of the wings prior to fitting. In our experience this alone reduces installation times by up to 50% and makes our clients’ lives a lot easier overall. Instead of having to go back and forth with information on the existing roof gutter system or having to make costly amendments prior to installation of the new product, our system simply follows the lines of the existing gutters. No fuss.

Q) How big a role do you think a folding gutter system can play in helping a building achieve its maximum potential?

Commercial and industrial building owners are always looking for a gutter solution that is good value, good quality, quick to install and preferably BBA accredited. They want to fit something reliable that they can trust – so they can forget about it; safe in the knowledge that it is doing its job in the background.

With a 0.6mm steel substrate/1.2mm Fatra PVC chequer plate slip prevention membrane & 25 year guarantee, we believe our new system has the potential to rapidly become one of the market leading products in this field. It is durable, smart looking, low-maintenance, well designed and great value for money, meeting the tough requirements of the refurbishment/retrofit market. If you are looking for a product that is safe, does the job and is in-keeping with architectural design, WeatherFOLD can help you achieve all of these goals… and more.

Q) Are you seeing an increase in usage of WeatherFAST systems within building projects? As architectural trends continuously shift and innovations are made, are folding guttering solutions becoming more and more prominent?

Absolutely, yes. Architects and specifiers are acutely aware of what the latest innovations and technologies are. There has been increasing pressure on them over recent years to utilise products that are eco-friendly, long lasting and low-maintenance. Contractors are also striving to meet modern demands for safer site conditions, and as such safety is paramount in the key decisions they make. By adhering to these strict principles and keeping our product cutting edge in terms of design, we really have gone from strength to strength. Our systems are being used more and more by new customers every day – customers who have seen or heard good things about the solutions we can provide. We believe that ultimately the product does the talking – and the increase in our sales is a true testament to that.

For more information on the WeatherFAST folding gutter system or any of their products, please call 0843 658 0074, email or visit