Sika has the solution to eliminate an ever-present public nuisance and prevent expensive and regular clean-up bills – currently in excess of £1 billion in the UK each year – in the process. The global building product manufacturer has developed a product which not only removes recurrent graffiti with a simple jet wash; it acts as an effective deterrent to illegal fly-posting.

The removal process couldn’t be simpler. Sikagard®-850 AG Anti-Graffiti and Anti-Poster provides a permanent, transparent coating to mineral and coated substrates, as well as wood and metal. Brush, roller or spray-applied, all that’s required to ensure this superb system repairs a defaced structure is water jetting or a cold water hose and rubbing the graffiti with a clean cloth.

This negates the need for detergents, aggressive cleansers, hot water or high-pressure cleaning. Unlike alternative sacrificial systems, the substrate does not require recoating following graffiti removal using Sikagard®-850.

Following application, Sikagard®-850 leaves a glossy film. This enhances the colour of the substance it’s applied to and means posters, which have been pasted illegally, will fall off in a matter of days. As well as its excellent gloss retention, the system supports dirt pick-up resistance and displays high levels of resilience to UV and heat. It is also water vapor breathable.

Bob Orishaguna, Buildings Manager – TM Refurbishment at Sika, said: “Graffiti has become an extensive problem, spreading from the largest cities to highway bridges and trains. The availability of Sikagard®-850 could significantly reduce the clean-up bill for private and public bodies nationwide, significantly reducing the £1 billion sum spent in the UK each year on graffiti removal costs.”

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