Stainless steel from GEC Anderson provides the ultimate in functionality and style for contemporary interiors. Its versatility as a material enables outstanding kitchen design, ensuring finished results as enduring as they are intrinsically beautiful.

From the specialists in design and production of superb stainless steel fittings, the GEC Anderson range includes made-to-measure worktops and sinks, cabinets, shelving, and sanitary appliances. All items are manufactured to the same exacting standard to ensure products of the highest quality and reliability in use.

Stainless steel delivers real advantages over any other material. It combines a stunning, clean appearance with robust, ultra-hygienic performance. Over the last 40 years GEC Anderson has worked with many of the world’s leading architects and designers, planning and creating installations that meet the most demanding specifications.

Bespoke solutions

GEC Anderson stainless steel worktops and sinks offer unmatched design freedom. Worktops of virtually any shape or size can be produced as a single unit. This includes long sections (up to 7 metres) as well as L-shaped and even U-shaped configurations.

In addition, sinks, splashbacks and upstands can be seamlessly integrated within the worktop. This provides a sleek, ultra-efficient work surface with no vulnerable joints or junctions between the various elements.

Sink bowls can be specified in almost any shape or size – circular, square or rectangular – and in any combination, with or without drainer recess. Sinks, outlets, and cut-outs for appliances (e.g. hobs) can be positioned exactly where required.

Supremely functional

This unequalled combination of versatility and practicality makes stainless steel the ideal material for worktops. It will tolerate hot pans without damage, so the entire worktop provides a usable and useful work surface – there is no need for special ‘hot zones’.

The work surface will retain its unique, eye-catching appearance over time, and will withstand constant heavy use – and even abuse. The surface is easy to maintain and keep clean, and is totally hygienic.

A wide choice of edge profiles, in depths to suit each specific project, ensures a solution that not only meets the design requirements of the kitchen, but is also supremely functional. A water-safe, lipped perimeter edge minimises spillage from the worktop onto the cabinets, appliances and floor below.

A choice of finish

GEC Anderson worktops and sinks are available in brushed satin or textured finish. The raised pattern of textured stainless steel facilitates drainage, resists damage, hides smudges and scratches, and is as easy to clean as the standard satin finish.

A material with integrity

GEC Anderson high quality stainless steel worktops can also be combined with traditional materials in the kitchen, such as wood and stone, to stunning effect. In addition to functional excellence, the bright stainless steel finish will add light and spaciousness to the overall design.

Equally, GEC Anderson sinks and drainers can be provided separately for installation within worktops of other materials.

Practical, flexible and affordable solutions

For the ultimate in modern kitchen design, GEC Anderson also offers cabinets
and shelving in high quality stainless steel. These units provide sleek, durable and hygienic solutions for all storage requirements. They are available in a range of standard sizes or made-to-measure to satisfy the needs of the specific location and context. Base cabinets may be wall-mounted or floor-standing on a plinth, with adjustable feet or stylish braked castors.

The GEC Anderson stainless steel shelving system employs uprights which enable simple, unique ‘stepless’ (unslotted) linear adjustment. Shelves and doors are available in steel or glass and allow a range of handle options.

Beyond the kitchen

GEC Anderson also offers solutions for other domestic interiors beyond the kitchen. Polished stainless steel sanitary appliances provide a dramatic and striking alternative to porcelain and are the perfect complement to futuristic interior styling for cloakroom or ‘en-suite’ bathroom. The stainless steel units also work well with timber to provide a warmer, yet no less distinctive design statement.

The full range of GEC Anderson products is detailed in our new brochure. To receive a copy, or for further details regarding GEC Anderson products, call 01442 826 999, email or visit