575 Sonair acoustic (sound attenuating) filtered air supply units from Titon have been installed across an array of properties at Kingstone Grange in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Previously the site of Kingstone School, the new development consists of 115 three and four-bedroom townhouses, semi-detached and detached homes. The Titon products were fitted by Doncaster-based contractors South Electrical, adhering to the specification provided by Taylor Wimpey.

Richard South, Managing Director at South Electrical, said: “Titon’s Sonair is compact and easy to install, while it adheres to necessary building and sound attenuation requirements. The units have been designed to let air into a property for ventilation while shielding occupants from unwanted outside noise. This means no unwanted noise from the road outside can be heard inside the houses.”

Commenting on how the products came to be specified, Mark Lyon, Senior Commercial Manager at Taylor Wimpey, added: “We have fitted Titon ventilation units on other developments previously, with no issues. For the Kingstone project, we opted for the Sonair products as they met all the requirements outlined in the noise impact assessment, which took into account the level of traffic noise, as well as ambient sound from other nearby sources. The mechanical input ventilators also ensure the properties comply with the indoor ambient noise levels as recommended in BS 8233 (Residential).”

Sonair is a low energy, wall-mounted input fan featuring touch control with an LCD display. It has been designed for use in buildings where noise or air pollution presents a problem. The units are mechanical input ventilators that can also provide background ventilation as an alternative to trickle vents. Independently tested by the BRE, Sonair offers exceptional sound attenuation up to 56dB, while units are effective in reducing pollutants in the home and improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), reducing the risk of Toxic Home Syndrome.


All Sonair acoustic ventilation units come with a G3 filter as standard, which captures 50‐70% of particles larger than 10μm under normal dust load conditions. If dust loads are moderate to high, the optional F6 filter captures 99% of all dust particles including pollen, spores, cement dust and excreta of the house dust mite – making it ideal for occupants with allergies or asthma.

Kingstone Grange is located in the heart of Yorkshire, just a few minutes from the centre of Barnsley. The development has been designed with a mix of properties from two to four bedrooms to suit all needs.

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