Evinox Energy announce the launch of their new company website, which features a fresh look and feel and user-friendly navigation, enabling users to browse through their extensive range of heat network products and services with ease. These include a range of smart heat interface units (HIUs) and comprehensive support services including metering, billing, revenue management and service and maintenance.

Delivering a fully responsive experience, the new website gives users a seamless transition from desktop to mobile browsing and has been designed to provide heat network information for Housing Developers, M&E Consultants, Housing Associations and Building Managers, covering all stages of a communal or district heating project.

Emma Alexander, Marketing Manager at Evinox Energy, said – “We are really excited about the launch of our new site, which we’ve packed with useful heat network information, including articles, case studies, best practice and regulation advice, alongside technical information about our ModuSat® Smart HIU range and metering, billing and maintenance support services. We love the new look and feel of the site, and see it as the cornerstone of our online marketing strategy, aligning our digital platform much more closely to our brand and product and service offerings,”

Let’s Talk About Smart HIU’s

The new Smart Heat Interface Unit Hub on the Evinox website features plenty of technical content and useful information and includes everything you need to know about Evinox’s ModuSat® range of HIUs. The hub also covers topics such as the UK BESA HIU test standard, designing for energy efficient networks and the benefits of electronic control. It even features an online tool for selecting Heat Interface Units based on your project parameters and provides calculations for the whole network. Users can also request one of Evinox’s CIBSE accredited CPD seminars and download the Heat Network Design Guide via the website.

Find Out How Evinox Can Help with Metering and Billing for Your Heat Network

The website walks you through all the requirements of a successful metering and billing system for a heat network development. This includes information about the typical network set-up, which domestic and commercial meters might be required, credit billing services, debt free Pay-as-you-go technology and guidance about how to comply with the Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulations 2014.

Service & Maintenance Support for Heat Networks

Knowing how vital the support services can be for the operation the heat network and HIUs alike, Evinox’s new website provides lots of useful information for housing developers and building managers. Find out more about their internet based remote Service and Maintenance for HIU’s, enhanced warranty cover, plant room maintenance and combined plans for billing and service where they offer very competitive discounted rates for both in one package.

Emma Alexander continued – “As we strive to improve every aspect of Evinox’s on and offline presence, flagship projects such as this demonstrate our commitment to excellence to our customers and partners. I’m extremely excited to be involved in the continued evolution of Evinox Energy and look forward to sharing what we’ve got in the pipeline over the coming months”.

Find out more about Evinox’s heat network products and services, and experience the fresh new site for yourself, by visiting

Evinox has added to its CIBSE certified Technical and Design team, with Design Engineer Arturs Kokins becoming the latest to successfully complete the CIBSE Heat Networks Code of Practice course, passing his final exam with flying colours.

The CIBSE Heat Network qualification is recognised across the industry and covers a broad spectrum of considerations for communal and district heating systems, demonstrating the depth of knowledge Evinox can offer to their customers in the design of heat network systems.

Arturs originally joined Evinox in early 2017 as a Graduate Engineer, with an MEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering degree, and has since developed his skills and gained valuable experience working on a number of key projects. These include managing bespoke testing with BSRIA (Building Services Research and Information Association) for a large development in London where Evinox is supplying heating and cooling units. He was also involved in Evinox successfully completing testing under the new BESA (British Engineering Services Association) UK Standard for Heat Interface Units, for which the Evinox ModuSat (XR) HIU achieved excellent results and is currently one of only five manufactures to have officially published its results on the BESA website, something the company is very proud of.

“Arturs is a perfect example of what can be achieved by investing in people and promoting their growth within a business,” comments Helen Gibbons, Evinox Technical and Design Manager. “He is a highly valued member of the team at Evinox, and we are delighted to employ a Design Engineer of Arturs calibre.”

Evinox offers developers, consultants and specifiers a broad range of design support services for district and communal heating projects, including HIU sizing and selection; hydraulic system guidance and advice; and complete plant room system and distribution pipework design, where required.

Please contact Evinox on 01372 722277 or complete the contact form on to find out more about our Design Services or BESA tested Heat Interface Unit range.

Evinox is thrilled to announce that Terry Mahoney has taken the helm as its new Managing Director. Terry originally joined Evinox in 2010 and through his most recent role as Operations Director has been pivotal to much of the company’s recent success, including the delivery and ongoing support of key projects – such as Battersea Power Station; and the evolution of Evinox’s manufacturing capability.

Terry said of his new position “I’m delighted and flattered to be appointed as Managing Director at Evinox. This is an exciting time for the business, with planning regulations and government policy continuing to support the deployment of district and communal heating, the market continues to thrive and evolve. Evinox has seen a strong growth in sales over the past 12 months, and with product innovation and development at the forefront of the company strategy this is only set to increase”.

He continued “As an established, marketing leading heat interface unit manufacturer, Evinox offers innovative products that are built with quality components and assembled to world class manufacturing standards. This has been confirmed by the Impressive efficiency performance achieved by the Evinox ModuSat heat interface unit, which was tested to the UK standard from BESA.”

The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) UK test standard for heat interface units (HIUs) was recently introduced to enable designers and specifiers to evaluate the performance of a HIU on their network. Currently, only a handful of manufacturers have published results for the HIU test regime, with Evinox being one of the first to undertake the testing process. The results achieved provide a clear, independently verified confirmation that the Evinox ModuSat® XR HIU range delivers outstanding heating and hot water efficiency performance for modern heat networks – something the team at Evinox are very proud of.

The strong growth in sales reported, can be clearly demonstrated by the calibre of clients and projects that Evinox are working with. Evinox is already in the process of delivering over 1700 heating and cooling interface units for projects in Canary Wharf and over 1000 units for the same client on a prestigious project on the South Bank in central London. At the same time, the company has also been successful in securing orders for over 700 heat interface units on the latest phase of the London City Island development in Greenwich. In addition to this, Evinox’s metering and billing services continue to grow, with contracts for hundreds of heat network schemes for both private and social housing across the UK, providing bills for over 10,000 customers each year, with many, many more using the Evinox PaySmart pre-payment system.

Mahoney believes that it is a combination of the comprehensive product range and support services that Evinox offers, with the dedication of the Evinox team and keeping ahead of evolving industry standards that has spurred on the company’s recent success. The ability to offer options for heating and cooling, integrated energy display solutions and billing-ready options set Evinox HIU’s apart from others in the market.

Terry summarised by saying, “I’m an advocate of the “Under one roof” business model, which allows Evinox to combine first class product supply, flexible metering and billing solutions, and service and maintenance support – making us stand out from the crowd!”

For further information about our integrated communal & district heating solutions, please contact us by emailing or visit

Evinox Energy has launched a new CIBSE accredited CPD seminar following the introduction of the first UK test standard for Heat Interface Units from BESA (British Engineering Services Association).

This new standard is regarded as an important step towards improving the overall performance of British district heating schemes and its key objective is to enable the performance of different HIUs to be evaluated within the context of typical UK operating conditions. Thereby enabling heat network developers to consider the performance of specific HIUs against design requirements.

Until now, it has been a common misconception that heat interface units are “one size fits all”; results from the BESA tests show that this certainly isn’t the case for today’s modern systems – the network design and HIU specification must be closely matched to ensure optimum performance and the HIU must deliver the widest delta T and lowest return temperatures possible in all operational modes.

The Evinox seminar explores all aspects of the test regime and discusses how for the first time, designers and specifiers will be able to see the impact of a specific HIU on their network. Entitled “Understanding the BESA Test Standard for HIUs (VWARTS and All)”, the seminar is accredited by The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and provides credits towards consulting engineers’ Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

This 60-minute seminar is ideal for M&E consultants or housing providers interested in finding out more about the latest standard for communal & district heating systems and can be held at client’s premises or at the Evinox Energy offices in Chessington.

Contact Evinox today to arrange a seminar on 01372 722277 or complete the contact form on the website.

Evinox are very proud to announce that the ModuSat® XR Heat Interface Unit has been tested to the BESA (British Engineering Services Association) UK Standard for HIUs, achieving impressive results all round.

Launched in late 2016, the BESA UK Standard for Heat Interface Units was introduced to help designers and specifiers evaluate the performance of a particular HIU on their network. This new standard aims to provide HIU benchmarking, similar in many ways to the well-known SEDBUK scheme for domestic boilers.

Currently, only a handful of manufacturers have published results for the HIU test regime, with Evinox being one of the first to undertake the testing process.

With an overall VWART of just 33.4℃, impressively low domestic hot water return temperatures and the ability to deliver flexible Keep Warm operation, the BESA test results provide a clear, independently verified confirmation that the Evinox ModuSat® XR range delivers outstanding heating and hot water performance for modern heat networks.

Mike Shaw, Commercial Director at Evinox Energy commented “We believe independent testing is a vital step forward for the Communal & District heating industry, and as one of the UKs most established HIU manufacturers, we were determined to be involved from the early stages. Our latest ModuSat® XR and XR-ECO models have been developed very much with the new standard in mind and we’re confident that this regime from BESA will lead to more efficient heat networks being designed and delivered”.

The BESA standard is currently optional for HIU manufacturers, however, Evinox believes this will be a mandatory requirement in the near future, and asks designers and specifiers to start insisting on the use of BESA tested units for their heat network projects going forward.

The full report and test results can be found by visiting, or contact Evinox to book a CIBSE accredited CPD Seminar on 01372 722277.

Evinox has extended its best-selling range of ModuSat® Heat Interface Units with the introduction of the new ModuSat® XR and ModuSat® XR- ECO Twin Plate models. Providing both indirect space heating and domestic hot water, ModuSat® XR units are ideal for use in modern, efficient district and communal heat networks. All units deliver fast, dynamic domestic hot water response, and the ModuSat® XR-ECO models also provide ultra-low DHW return temperatures to the primary heat network.

With extensive experience in the design and application of HIU’s across thousands of UK-wide installations, Evinox has made significant advances in the performance of its latest range, aiming to help improve the overall efficiency of heat networks, whilst retaining high levels of user satisfaction and comfort levels.

ModuSat® XR – even faster, more efficient domestic hot water performance

An overriding requirement for many consulting engineers involved in the design and specification of heat networks, is to ensure abundant and responsive supply of domestic hot water. This goes hand-in-hand with residents expecting consistent and safe hot water at the tap. ModuSat® XR HIU’s deliver fast hot water without reducing the efficiency of the heat network.

“There is strong evidence that speed of hot water delivery is a key requirement for residents living in homes operating on communal and district heating schemes” comments Emma Alexander, Evinox Energy Marketing Manager. “The ability to be able to deliver abundant hot water quickly, while at the same time ensuring the efficiency of the heat network is not compromised, is a key challenge for heat network designers and HIU manufacturers, so the improved performance of the new ModuSat® XR range is an important step forward in this area.”

Evinox ModuSat® XR-ECO; how low can you go?

It’s clear that lowering system temperatures is a critical factor in the efficient operation of UK heat networks. Reducing the network primary flow & return temperatures enables heat generation plant to operate more efficiently; lower grade, low carbon heat sources to play a more predominant role in the energy mix; and network heat losses to be dramatically reduced.

ModuSat® XR-ECO units have been designed precisely with this in mind, incorporating ultra-high efficiency domestic hot water plate heat exchangers with improved volumetrics that encourage turbulent flow and optimal heat transfer.

These latest improvements mean designers are given the opportunity to focus on the energy efficiency performance of HIU’s and the wider heat network, with the confidence that units will continue to deliver impressive full load hot water capacity and flow rates.

A New Test Standard for Heat Interface Units from BESA

The ModuSat® XR has been tested under a new UK test standard, intended to help heat network designers to evaluate individual HIU performance on their network under typical UK conditions. The new scheme, operated by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), will provide HIU benchmarking, similar in many ways to the SEDBUK scheme for domestic boilers.

Evinox believes independent testing is an important step for the UK HIU industry, so the latest ModuSat® XR and XR-ECO models have been developed very much with these new standards in mind. Evinox is confident that this new standard will lead to HIU systems and heat networks being designed with efficiency as much as maximum hot water capacity being the key consideration.

Find out more about the new ModuSat® XR Range of Heat Interface Units by contacting us on 01372 722277, email or visit

With the introduction of a new UK Test Standard for HIU’s and advances in technology, the District Heating market is progressing rapidly. We have therefore updated our CIBSE accredited CPD seminar, to provide the opportunity to explore the topic in depth. Here we identify some of the key technical considerations that are fundamental to improving user satisfaction levels, and the overall efficiency of the network.

Our seminar entitled “Next Generation Heat Networks – Key Considerations” is accredited by The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and provides credits towards consulting engineers’ Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

The seminar includes topics such as:

  • Regulations and Guidelines
  • Heat Network Design Principles
  • Heat Interface Units (HIUs)
  • Network Pipework Sizing
  • Central Plant – Capacity Calculation
  • Metering, Billing and Revenue Management
  • Remote Surveillance

The seminar is ideal for M&E consultants, developers and housing associations, and can be held at client’s premises or at the Evinox Energy offices in Chessington, and at a time convenient to you. Our speakers are highly experienced in Heat Networks with relevant professional qualifications. A certificate will be provided to all attendees for obtaining CIBSE CPD points and refreshments will be supplied.

Please contact us on 01372 722277 or complete the contact form on for further information or to book a seminar.

Evinox will be exhibiting in the District Energy Town Square at Ecobuild 2017, taking place from the 7th to the 9th March at Excel London. This year the exhibition will be themed as an immersive city – complete with main street, distinct destinations and special feature attractions. Ecobuild is the UK’s largest event for specifiers across the built environment, from architects and developers to local government and major infrastructure clients.

Visit us at stand F231 to find out more about our latest ModuSat HIU for communal and district heating schemes, which takes just 15 seconds to reach 55°C from the tap opening, providing an impressive dynamic response. You can also pick up a copy of our new “Guide to Metering & Billing” a useful document for anyone involved in a communal or district heating scheme.

We look forward to welcoming you at the event. You can register now to attend the exhibition for free by visiting the Ecobuild website.

Evinox Energy combine smart HIU technology with excellent after-sales end-user support and flexible metering and billing services, ensuring the building owner has a hassle-free, efficient development and residents enjoy a comfortable and relaxed place to live.

For more information on Evinox please visit

The Ladbroke Grove development from Taylor Wimpey Central London, is part of the regeneration of Grand Union Centre, and includes both luxury apartments and homes for first-time buyers, close to Kensington and Chelsea. This mixed use scheme combines living and working, with office accommodation and retail units available alongside a high-quality development of apartments set around a private courtyard in W10.

Evinox Energy are delighted to be working with P R Morson on this outstanding development, supplying heat interface units and metering & billing services.

Design and sustainability

To reduce the environmental impact of the development, the apartments are all connected to a communal heating system, which supplies residents with thermal energy for heating and production of domestic hot water. System water is heated in a central plant room, distributed via pipework around the building and energy is transferred to residents via a ModuSat HIU.

The ModuSat HIU’s at The Ladbroke Grove include both an energy meter for heating and hot water, and an electricity meter, meaning residents will be billed for both utilities by Evinox Energy.

In Built Pre-Payment Facility

Evinox ModuSat HIU’s are supplied pre-payment or credit account ready, meaning there is no requirement for additional controls, sensors or hardware providing flexible metering options.

With most modern housing schemes being mixed use, the ability to operate a part credit billing and part pre-payment system on the same scheme is extremely desirable, and providing a future proof solution is a key advantage of the Evinox system, as it can be adapted to different tenant occupations. The ability to make changes remotely provides the ultimate in simplicity and flexibility at The Ladbroke Grove.

By combining smart HIU’s with excellent after-sales, end user support and flexible metering and billing services, the building owner has a hassle-free, sustainable development and residents enjoy a fantastic place to live.

Visit the Evinox Energy website today for more info, or contact on 01372 722277 /

We are looking forward to exhibiting at London Build 2016, taking place on the 26th & 27th of October at Olympia. London Build provides a great opportunity to explore the latest construction projects in the capital; and the chance to network with thousands of industry professionals, including contractors, developers, local Authorities and Housing Associations.

We manufacture our own range of heat interface units (HIU’s), designed with efficiency and end user comfort in mind. Visit us at stand F88 to find out more about our solutions for communal & district systems. Sandra Slihte, Evinox Energy Technical Design Manager, will also be presenting a CIBSE approved CPD seminar at the exhibition entitled “Next Generation Heat Networks – Key Considerations”. This will take place from 1.15 – 2.10pm on the 26th October.

Evinox Energy combine smart HIU technology with excellent after-sales end-user support and flexible metering and billing services, ensuring the building owner has a hassle-free, efficient development and residents enjoy a comfortable and relaxed place to live.

We look forward to welcoming you at the event. You can register now to attend the exhibition for free by visiting the London Build website.

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