During UK Construction Week 2015, Airflow Developments launched the new Duplexvent ROTARY range. Representing a significant advancement in the compact construction of a high performance of Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery system, the range utilises a rotary thermal wheel principle to allow for up to 85% heat recovery and the delivery of air volumes from 8000 to 16,000m³/hr. Furthermore, all units comply with the latest ErP Regulations.

The Duplexvent ROTARY Wheel Ventilation with Heat Recovery system is the latest addition to Airflow’s popular Duplexvent range. Each unit houses a thermal wheel, which rotates. Heat is picked up from the exhaust air stream in the top half of the rotation and given up to the fresh air stream in the bottom half of the rotation. This creates a higher flow of air through the unit, despite a more concise space.

Available in a rooftop or indoor version and suitable for commercial or industrial applications, the units are delivered in three parts. The units can be customised with a choice of duct orientations where supply and extract ports can be rotated by up to 90 degrees to allow connections to be installed within the demands of the building’s size and layout.

Quiet in operation, with low Specific Fan Power (from 0.45W/m³H, dependent on flow), Airflow’s Duplexvent ROTARY units provide significant energy savings through its EC fans. The units consist of double skin construction, with high performance 45mm mineral wool with thermal bridging to class T2 and a heat bridge factor of TB2 – contributing towards heat transfer characteristics of 0.037W/mk. In addition, the units are fitted with anti-cross contamination technology, which includes a crossbar across the rotary component, to guard against air contaminants entering the new, fresh air supply.

The equipment is fully specified with a range of optional components and full BMS and Internet connectivity, while optional additions include mixing dampers, integrated heating or cooling coils and purge chambers.

“Our new Duplexvent ROTARY Wheel Ventilation with Heat Recovery system represents a significant evolution in capability,” explained Toni Wong, Product Marketing Executive at Airflow Developments. “The range provides anyone responsible for ventilation within a commercial or industrial environment with a range of easy to install units that offer powerful performance and outstanding energy efficiency.”

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