The first new building to open in Northampton’s flagship Waterside Enterprise Zone is the £8.5m University of Northampton Innovation Centre, seen as a hub for organisations that deliver social impact. This striking six floor cubic building leaves the onlooker in no doubt that Northampton’s new development means business.

Locally based Powdertech Corby Ltd powder coated the solar shading system on the exterior of the building, a contract worth £11K.

Richard Besant, Powdertech Corby Sales Director commented “We coated over 1800 individual sections comprising fins, end plates and brackets, in a premium quality Valspar architectural powder, RAL 9010 white matt. When we viewed the completed building at the end of the job, we could appreciate the fabulous visual effect these solar shades create, in addition to being part of a highly functional design.”

Vertical solar shading fins on the north, east and west side of the building will shade the windows from summer sun and moderate solar gain. They improve the insulation value of glass in the winter by acting as a windbreak. On the south side of the building, horizontal solar shading fins, across the windows, will reduce glare and solar heat gain in the summer but also allow low winter sunlight to shine through in the colder darker months.

Architectural powder coatings are especially suited for use on solar shading systems. The powders have excellent gloss retention, resistance to corrosion and UV light and will last for up to 40 years without significant colour change.

The Waterside Enterprise Zone is part of the Northampton Alive regeneration scheme and incorporates a new £330m campus for the city’s University alongside global brands and thriving small businesses.

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