Bannister Hall, one of Britain’s leading landscaping suppliers, has launched an innovative new natural stone paving product – a bespoke system that is set to revolutionise urban, street and commercial design by combining innovation and versatility with rapid, simple and cost-effective installation.

The PietraPave range, already used extensively on a huge range of commercial and domestic projects worldwide, boasts the beauty and resilience of natural stone paving while also reducing installation time by up to 80% due to its pre-assembled custom-made designs and revolutionary mat construction.

PietraPave offers a real and desirable alternative to other paving solutions. These include the system’s bespoke capabilities, enabling intricate designs to be completed, speed of installation and the quality and long-term performance of the materials.

Alan Lovell, Managing Director at Bannister Hall, said “We are delighted to finally bring PietraPave to the UK market. We’ve had many enquiries asking when this innovative product is going to be available, especially for use on large-scale paving projects where time and budgets are of the essence.

“That waiting is now at an end as PietraPave goes national. The quality is second to none, with the same palazzo styling we’ve come to expect from natural quality stone at up to a quarter of the installation time.”

The range currently includes granite and porphyry and is delivered in numbered sections, negating the need for costly specialist installers. Cobbles, paving and bespoke patterns such as fans, circles or geometric designs complete the look on each bespoke project, enabling commercial designers to plan ahead for a speedy installation.

This speed of installation means that PietraPave is incredibly cost-effective when compared to conventional block paving – in most cases a quarter of the cost per fully laid square metre ­– which is incredible value for clients and contractors. Each mat is simply laid onto a prepared screed and compacted down to levels. Grouting is equally fuss-free with the Nexus V75 resin-based compound which reduces cleaning in the short-term and maximises durability for customers in the long-term.

PietraPave has already been used at large urban public projects around the world including award-winning developments in Asia, the Middle East and the USA and for clients such as the Disney Corporation, Ocean Park Macau and The Qatar Government.

Prior to the national launch Bannister Hall has been testing the product with selected contractors in different parts of the UK on a wide range of different projects where it has passed every test for speed of installation, aesthetics and load capability.

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