Leading water heating manufacturer Ariston has a range of high quality, energy efficient products designed with landlords, HMOs and rental properties in mind. Ariston’s electric water heaters are reliable, robust and suitable for buy-to-let applications including apartments, family homes, bedsits and en-suite rooms as an alternative to traditional cylinders.


UK landlords are legally responsible for ensuring their tenants have adequate hot water at all times. They are also responsible for any repairs and replacements required under the Landlord and Tenant Act (1985). As a result, any water heater needs to be robust and reliable, while also complying with the latest energy efficiency legislation.


Ariston’s electric water heaters are lightweight and easy to install, offering tremendous cost savings – both in terms of the initial price of the units, as well as lower energy bills. Electric storage water heaters, such as Ariston’s Velis Evo Wi-Fi, boast fast reheat times and best in class ErP energy efficiency ratings, making them the ideal option for rental properties – benefitting both landlords and tenants alike. These compact models utilise ultra slim (27cm depth) twin tank technology for optimum performance. With a choice of 45 or 80-litre models available, units offer up to 16% more hot water availability compared to an equivalent capacity standard electric water heater, alongside superfast reheat times of under 30 minutes!


In addition, each unit’s Wi-Fi compatibility offers additional energy saving opportunities, as the products work with the Aqua Ariston Net app for remote smartphone control; this allows tenants to monitor their energy consumption and achieve savings of up to 25%, via daily and weekly programming. In turn, fitting modern water heaters with such smart functionality provides landlords with an enticing selling point when marketing a property.


Another electric storage water heating option for rental properties is Ariston’s Andris range, with the Andris Lux and Andris Lux Eco units both boasting capacities of 6, 10, 15 and 30 litres. These compact products offer impressive reheat times, while Andris Lux Eco models also benefit from anti-legionella functionality.


Finally, an alternative to electric storage water heaters is Ariston’s Aures Slim Multi, a wall mounted, instantaneous unit that does not need any time to heat up. Water does not need to be stored – instead, it is heated instantly when it comes into contact with a powerful heating element as it flows through the unit, resulting in unlimited availability on demand.


Victoria Gutierrez, Marketing Manager at Ariston, commented: “Our range of market-leading electric water heaters offer landlords a number of long-term benefits, including lower repair bills and enhanced efficiency, complying with all necessary EPC requirements. We also ensure that renters remain healthy and safe for the duration of their tenancy by offering products that eliminate the risk of being exposed to legionella.”


For more details regarding which type of electric water heater is best suited for a particular rental application, please visit Ariston’s dedicated blog here.


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Ariston has added the Aures Slim Multi to its portfolio of electric water heaters. Suitable for a wide range of applications, from bathrooms and kitchens to loft conversions and utility rooms, each compact unit can simultaneously supply multiple outlets – such as a sink and a shower – with instantaneous hot water. As a result, users no longer have to wait for the water to heat up.

The Aures Slim Multi has an ‘A’ class ErP energy rating, making it the most efficient method of providing water at the point of use. Plus, each unit is also supplied with a two-year warranty as standard.

To ensure an advanced level of performance, the Aures Slim Multi is equipped with a flow sensor system, which initiates instantaneous water heating when an outlet is opened. The unit also boasts an easy to operate, front facing dial complete with LED indicators to highlight the selected power level: ‘low’ (4.5kW), ‘medium’ (5kW) or ‘high’ (9.5kW). In addition, all internal components can be accessed from the front of the unit for easy maintenance, while a double thermal cut-out is in place to ensure safety and peace of mind.

Aesthetically, the Aures Slim Multi benefits from premium Italian design by Umberto Palermo, including an elegant brushed effect front panel and a sleek cover to conceal the water inlet and outlet pipes. The product’s compact size (L = 304mm, H = 178mm, D = 98mm) also ensures plenty of space is saved in whatever application it is installed.

Commenting on the new electric water heater, Alex Boweren, Product Manager at Ariston, said: “The Aures Slim Multi is a great addition to our range of hot water products. Because of its compact size, the unit can be fitted in narrow spaces, making it suitable for a variety of applications, including utility rooms, garages and conservatories.”

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